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kiribaku ✌️
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Be strong and keep your head up always!


This world is cold and dark place sometimes. It will throw things at you that you may not be ready for but always remember these words-

Keep you're head up

Be Strong & Brave

Be like the Eagle in the eye of the storm

Be the strong Bear in a fight with another like there kind

Be the leader of the Wolf's

Be a sneaky little Fox going to get there pray

Be a Cat that lands on all 4's

Be the Turtle that will always live on forever

Be a Beautiful Butterfly about to take off

By like that Wise old Owl

Be as Fast and Powerful as a Cheetah

Be as loud as the Lion

These are only a few things I could come up with. But I hope these words Infires(Something BTS Suga said he meant to say Inspire's) You to make your dream's come true and never stop living.

Always be a wonderful persons.

All though thus words may not hit you at first, Just remember when it's hard in live come back to these word's and read them until you feel good & you can keep going on in life.

Love, Harmony B. 💗😘 Be safe and strong today guys. And always know I'm here for anyone who needs me in these times!!

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