Reader x Kirishima(Pt.3)
Reader x Kirishima(Pt.3) first love stories

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You walk into your house put your school bag and shoes by the door(Little part of the story)

Reader x Kirishima(Pt.3)

You walk into your house put your school bag and shoes by the door. As you walk into the kitchen you see there is a note on the table that says-

"Y/N you have always done so much for the family and we love you so much. But now that you are XX age we think its time that we will let you stay at home.

Just remember If you do have anyone over that you make them dinner and what every they would like to eat. Me and your father will be back home in a little while. In about one week or so.

We love you so much and hope you will do good on your own."

Love, Father & Mother </3(Heart)

You stop a think for a bit. Lots of things come to mind, But you know that you will do just fine!

The all-of-a-sudden you hear your phone go off

"Hmmm.. Wonder who would be texting me at this time" You say as you go and get your phone from your school bag.

There is a text there saying-

"Hello!! Its me Kiri!! I was just wondering what you was up to because I miss you a lot T^T(Sad face) I just wish I could come over and see my wonderful girl!"

Your face starts to turn red as you walk up the stairs into your bedroom.

You walk over to your bed and sit down, you read the text one more time and the text back-

"Aw!! Your so cute Kiri :3 Also I miss you as well, maybe you can come over tomorrow after school"

In one second you get a text like that!

"Aww!! Really!!?? I would love to come over!! Shall I stay the night Since It is will be Friday after all!!!"

You look at your phone again and text back-

"Yes! You can stay the night!! We will have so much fun!! Watch movies, play games, Sing to music!!"

You have one big happy face right now as Kiri text you with such kind words.

"Okay!! See you at school then!"

You lay down on your bed as you hold you phone close to your heart thinking-

~If kiri had never asked me out and never told me how he felt.. Then what would I be right now!?

But I'm super happy he did because he puts me on Cloud9!!~

You roll of your bed, Then walk to your closet. You put on-

A red shirt with black shorts and with red/black socks that go all the way up to your knees.

You looks around for a second.

"Its so peaceful here now! I like it, But seems like it would get boring real fast"

As you walk over to your bed lay down under the sheets you think about a few things.

Y/N mind- I wonder why my Father & Mother did this.. Will they really only be gone for a week or will it take them a mouth like it did last time when they did this to me...

Your mind goes to all these thought, but then your phone goes off again and kirishima has texted you again-

"Hey Y/N!! I just cant wait to see you maybe we should call later if u like?"

As smile goes across your face and you write back-

"Sure! I would love to here that voice of yours again ;)"

Kiri text back- "Oh stop that will you!! Your making me blush!"

''Aw, But I like making you red!" As you start to laugh your ass off !!

"Well, Call you soon Y/N!!!! I love so much!!!!!!"

"I love you as well my Kirishima Sharkie~" Kiri text back- "Not as much as I love Y/N Sharkie ;)" Your face goes red as you place your phone down and hide your face into your pillow.

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