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kiribaku Love you 🍪Little Cookies🍪
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Okay, so these are pictures with no makeup on.... so like yeah...


Okay, so these are pictures with no makeup like yeah... I look super ugly and I don't like them.

But I'm dressed super nice bc I just went to my Picture day for school(Finely).

But tbh(To be honest) I really hate school and like it's a bunch of BS that like we cant go to school, Also more BS that I get out at fucking 3:10 sometimes 4:00 pm.

Anyway's here y'all go. (My super ugly face >~<)

This next one is me and my FUGLY(Ugly) brother XD I love the kid but he's a ass a lot of the time.

This one is me with my middle fingers up. I didn't know what to do with my fingers so, like yeah. Me just being a Bad Ass BiTcH! XD

Well well well,Would you look at that, There be a cute boy on my T.V *Being all cute and shy* Mind- That anime boi is soooooo HOT AND SEXY!!!!

This last picture looks like a Fake smiles or one I just forced on my face.....Hmmmmmmmm... Idk maybe I did force one on my face or maybe its a fake one, Or me just trying my best to smiles bc I dont smiles and show my UGLY teeth a lot. HOLD ON!! It looks like a nervous smiles ..??

Well Well Well, Would you look at that!!! You made it to the end of my REALLY UGLY pictures I have taken with no make up on :P Love, Harmony K. 💗

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