In a blink
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kira Ig:@kira_the_wordsmith
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In a blink

I stretched out my arm while hesitation seeped deep in my bones. "I can do it", I chanted again and again in my heart.

Slowly, my fingers land on her soft cheeks as musician who had held his flute after long time ready to compose his most alluring symphony.

I couldn't believe it. She was there, standing only an inch away showing off her pearl white teeth. I could've fainted but I didn't.

As I watched the rays of midsummer sun dancing in her brown eyes, I eased a bit. She looked seductive and dangerous in her white gown laced with hope of bright future.

Over hearing "you may kiss the bride", almost instinctively, I stepped closer and closer, until my lips found her, until my tongue clashed against her tongue,

until passion gripped both of us in tight knot.

She pulled me further into a lovely abyss, to a place where fairies play and true love still exists. Where we can happy, happier than we could ever be.

I dreamt her baking the pies, cookies for our children. I imagined her cuddling beneath me and making fun of my white beard.

I kept on daydreaming, until, the tides came rushing towards us and drowned my dream into reality. The tides of applause were never so frightening before.

"What a magnificent performance!", director patted my back and the curtain drew.

With disdain in my eyes, I searched for slight trace of emotion on her face. The curl of lips, or crumpled muscles around eyes, but I found none. I tried to bury my feelings.

I ignored her while she worked as my partner. I ignored her when she invited me to her wedding.

I tried to restrain myself from crying when she said that she will no longer be able to work in theater.

I tried until my soul withered into her love. And, Just like that, in a blink, I lost myself to her for forever.

Note: Please let me know if you enjoyed reading it. Leave your suggestions in comments. I will really appreciate it. Thank you

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