Inez Darío: The Assignment
Inez Darío: The Assignment spy stories

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he following is the beginning of a story. But, it is not up to me how the story ends. That is up to you the reader. Continue from where I left off with your own addition to the story.

Inez Darío: The Assignment

The air of his office smelled like old desert foods. Saccharine and familiar, but different. Standing and staring out of his window was Brenton's elusive Principal, Miles Pine.

He was a picture of a boring individual. He dressed in a plain t-shirt, a pair of boring brown trousers, and a pair of worn leather shoes.

If you were to pass by him on the street you wouldn't recognize him if you were to see him again. To Inez Dario, he was good old Mister Pine, her mentor.

He turned and looked down at the girl, although not by much. He only stood about six inches taller than her.

She combed her curly dark hair back with her fingers, a habit she had since she was a young girl.

"Inez, I have a task of incredible importance for you." He said. Because, of course, he did.

"What is it, sir?"

"The school, as you are aware caters to the next generation that will run the nation. This includes scientists.

I have a student who might prove to be a problem in the future and I need you to keep an eye on them."

"Done. Who's the student, sir?"

"Temple Pierce. But, this case is not just a simple watching assignment. If I wanted you to stalk them, I would ask Marcus June or one of his brothers.

Pierce has proven to be two things: Difficult and brilliant.

They have selective mutism, which makes it rather difficult to get anything out of them, but they have a brilliant mind for memorization and the carrying out of tasks.

Even if they devote a good deal of their energy on special interests like engineering and philosophy."

"And why are they of interest, sir? Potential mad scientists are a dime a dozen."

"Yes, but we would like to keep them under our thumb, would it not benefit us for them to be on our side?"

"I guess."

"So, the task is simple. Befriend Pierce and study them. If they are doing anything that might harm the country in the future report it to me, and keep them from being hurt by your peers."

"Why do I need to do that?"

"They are not a very physical person. Their older brother, Grant was a fighter of sorts. He works for one of the agencies overseas with Houston, now. But, I need you to keep them in check.

I don't want yet another wannabe Doctor Moreau wandering the halls."

Mister Pine visibly shook as he remembered such a terrifying incident.

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