Free Fall
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kinkyqueen Community member
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A story of the world of free fall, and how to escape it.

Free Fall

When your soul slips away...

It doesn't just disappear.

They remain in a place...

Of eternal free fall

They no longer have feet to plant into the earth

So they fall right though it

A never ending blackness that swallows them whole

I know...because I've been there myself

There is a way to escape it...

To walk on the earth even without a body to keep you there

Happiness will make you float upwards

Any ghost can walk freely on the earth if they have joy...

But finding joy in not very easy..

In the world of free fall

The overwhelming hopelessness will weigh you down

But if you manage to find joy, you can find the wings to lift yourself up again

Combine that with faith, and you will arrive at heavens gates

Thanks for reading this kinda depressing but hopeful story

This is not real, I just conjured up the world of free fall with my imagination. Anyway thanks for reading! Cya

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