Piercing Through
Piercing Through

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A hardworking blacksmith is troubled by the town bad boy who needs a favor.

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Piercing Through

"Ms. Pierce, we have a little problem!" the red-haired, teenage assistant yelled from the top of the stairs. Looking below her, the assistant could see her employer working hard on a new weapon.

The fire lightly waved as the muscular woman hammered at the straight sword, her black, threaded gloves protecting her hands.

"Ms. Pierce!" the assistant called again.

"Oh, Yurisa. We have another order?" Ms. Pierce asked.

"Well, it's an order, but the client is the problem."

"If they're the problem, then it can only be one person."

"Yeah, it's him."

"Alright, I'll deal with him." The working woman sighed, stood, and undid her bun, letting her orange hair fall past her shoulders.

Sweat still dripping down to her black tank top, Pierce trudged up the concrete stairs with Yurisa behind her.

Once they were in the purchasing area, the woman met eyes with the problem client, her brown eyes glaring as he grinned.

"Robiiiin! It's so nice to see you. How's my favorite blacksmith doing?" the man greeted.

"Get off my property, Lincoln. I'm not making you a weapon."

"Didn't I just call you my favorite blacksmith? Don't be like that." The lanky man sauntered over to the cashier counter and rubbed his scarred palm on the smooth wood.

"You can make a good weapon when you want to. How about helping me out before I change my mind about you?"

The nasty man gave off an air that made Yurisa tremble.

"You can try to be intimidating, but it won't work on me," Robin stated, her crossed arm pose unwavering.

"Fine. I guess you don't really care about this shop." With a dark green aura around his palm, Lincoln broke the countertop a bit, turning the wood from smooth to rigid.

Before he could do anymore damage, Robin quickly clenched his wrist and raised it off her counter.

"Break anything else, and I'll kill you," Robin threatened.

"What's a point of a shop if you don't do what the customer asks? You may have built this shop from the ground up, but I'll take it away in seconds.

Just make me my dream weapon," Lincoln demanded.

"Drop dead."

"Hehe, I'll drop you and this shop."

At that point, orange aura surged around Robin and pushed against Lincoln's green. The two intensely stared at each other which made Yurisa shake even more.

"I-I believe in you, M-Ms. Pierce," the assistant struggled to spit out.

"I hope you don't let your fangirl down, Pierce. What would happen if you lost your shop and her?" Lincoln said lowly. Due to his remark, Robin stopped her aura and released the man.

"You've finally learned your place, huh?"

However, the man wasn't expecting the woman to quickly grab his wrist again and sock him in his right cheek, sending him flying back into the shop's heavy door.

When Lincoln looked back up, Robin was already past the counter and dealing another blow to his face.

The impact of the second punch broke the door and sent Lincoln sliding on it like a luge sled until hitting a tree.

"You may have a talent, but you've pissed me off too much today. I'll take away everything you've gained over the years along with your life," Lincoln growled as he stood.

"You know better than anyone, Lincoln, that I won't and can't let you do that. I've worked too hard to go from nothing to something, and I'll do whatever to keep it. You have to die."

Both fighters' auras streamed from them again.

"Stop!" an old, manly voice shouted. To Robin's right, a casually-dressed senior with graying hair and similar chest hair popping out his shirt came walking towards them.

"Mayor Sod," Robin said.

"There will be no killing on my watch. You two are too precious for that."

"Go drop dead, old man. We're busy here." Lincoln waved the mayor away as he talked.

"Lincoln, what do you need a weapon for so bad, and why does Robin have to make a special one?" Sod asked.

"For my own needs. Now back off." While Mayor Sod sighed at the man, Lincoln leapt towards Robin, making her get ready again. Luckily, Sod shoulder charged the man to stop him.

After flipping in the air, Lincoln stared at the two. "You're a real annoying old man."

"Stop acting like you don't know us. Can't you just talk to us, Lincoln?" Sod asked.

"Hmph, If you're going to make it this annoying, I'll go somewhere else for that weapon. This isn't worth it." Lincoln stomped the ground before walking away.

"I'm sorry I couldn't keep a better eye on him, Robin. I'll pay for whatever damages he did," Sod said.

"Since he's your son, I'll take the offer, but I was seriously going to kill him if he kept going."

"I know you would have, but I'll try my best to avoid that scenario. I should be following him now actually. I will see you later, Robin."

"Later, Mayor Sod."

With that, the senior went jogging off.

"Oh my god. I'm so glad it's over," Yurisa said from the doorless doorframe.

"Hopefully, he won't be back ever, but maybe he will if he can't find that weapon."

"I have no idea, but I do know you really handled him, Ms. Pierce. When did you become so strong?"

"After work, I train my muscles every day, and eventually my aura came in to make me stronger. Lincoln wasn't expecting it since he thought he was the strongest in town."

"Wow. I'm sorry for not doing much in the conflict."

"It's fine. Lincoln's just a tough bully. Come on. Let's finish up our current orders."

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