"I was getting to that. Mr. Weirdo, I need someone taken out."
I was Supposed to Rule! fantasy stories

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Losing his chance to rule in the real world, B gets a second chance in another world. With the help of a woman named Six, B pushes to become a true leader, but he'll need need more than just Six's help to do so.

"I was getting to that. Mr. Weirdo, I need someone taken out."

I was Supposed to Rule!

"My dear Americans, I call you all here today for a special announcement. I know you all have been waiting patiently, but soon your dreams, as well as mine, will come true.

Five days from now, I will be running for president, and I hope to have all of your support. With your help, we can make a difference around here!"

The spokesman raised his arms as if waiting for something to fall into them, his removable claws ready. However, his few spectators and passers just gave him weird looks.

"What's a president?" a man asked.

"Americans too," a woman added.

"Don't pay that masked weirdo any attention. He's just crazy," a nearby store owner proclaimed as he swept the pavement.

"Why is that guy always on that stage running his mouth?" a guy asked his girlfriend.

"Who knows? I don't think anyone wants him as this city's leader."

The raven-masked announcer kept his arms up even while the civilians left him alone. Once they were all gone, the candidate fell onto his butt, his metal claws clanging against the wooden stage.

"You'll get them next time, sir," a female voice encouraged.

The man's beak turned to see a Gothic woman with golden eyes, long black hair, and several ear piercings standing in a formal way.

"I guess this really isn't my world, Six," the man sighed.

He scanned over the steampunk city as people carried on in their leather and hats.

"Does that really make a difference, sir?" Six asked with a blank expression.

"What do you mean?"

"You obviously want to be a leader, so does it matter what world you're in? Sorry for my rudeness, but you can become a ruler in any world."

The woman's words made the man jump to his feet, making the red feathers on his head flap.

"You're right, Six. My dream was and still is to become president, and I will achieve it with your help. First, we need to get the people on our side."

"It seems that will be difficult, sir."

"Don't worry. Every candidate has to start somewhere. We just need a plan." The tall man stroked his hairless chin as he thought.

"Uh, Mr. Weirdo," a voice called, making the man open his eyes.

In front of the stage stood a short girl with long blonde hair, a lone white dress, and a huge scar on her forehead.

"Are you okay, little girl? Do you need me for something?" he asked.

"First off, I'm not little. Second, I want to help your campaign," the girl said with an emotionless face just like Six.

Hearing the word 'campaign', the candidate hopped off the stage. While Six also jumped down, he crouched so that he as on eye level with the girl.

"What's your name?" he asked.


"Well, I'm glad to have your support, Serena, but you don't have to do anything. Just spread the word and that'll be enough." The masked man patted her on the head but got slapped right after.

In response, Six glared at the girl, but the man's claws stopped her from acting.

"Sorry, Serena. I should have asked before touching you."

"If you want help on your campaign, follow me. If not, then we won't do business." The short spun and strutted off while the spokesman stood.

"You shouldn't trust that cretin, sir. You don't want allegations on you," Six advised.

"Putting her age aside, maybe we should follow her. She seems pretty serious."

"I just think we should be careful, sir."

"I know we both will. Now, let's follow before we lose her."


Easily catching up, the two eventually trailed the girl into an alley.

"I knew this was suspicious," Six said while preparing to run.

"Calm down. It's just easier this way." The girl opened up a metal cellar door which released a fiery orange light. She then vanished down the stairs.

"We have to keep faith in the people, Six. If that faith is lost, we've already lost the election as well."

Contrary to his words, the beaked man entered the cellar on shaky legs with Six behind him.

"Close it, will you? I want our business to be private," Serena said.

"Like I would trap us in here," Six mumbled, leaving the latch open.

Once at the bottom of the stairs, the man grew wide-eyed at the several operating machines.

"So, you're entering the leadership trials," Serena said as she sat on a wooden stool. "You do know how they work, right?"

"Of course. How ever many candidates enter have to test their knowledge in five categories: Engineering, Tailoring, Animals, Constructing, and Disasters. Whoever knows the most wins."

"That's right, and I can help with the engineering topic."

"That would be great."

"I was getting to that. Mr. Weirdo, I need someone taken out."

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