First Time for Everything
First Time for Everything boyfriend stories

king_etl I write and make youtube vids
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This is a short love poem I made for me and my fiance.

First Time for Everything

You make my heart race. My palms sweaty.

It’s like our first date but we did that already.

You have the same effect on me.

You make me feel like the first time. When I hear your voice it’s the first time. When I kiss your face I fall in love again like the first time.

2 years later and you still give me the shakes. 2 rotations and I’m still lost in your haze.

No matter how many times you call my name. It feel like our first date.

You made me feel for the first time. I fell in love for the first time.

No matter how much time shall past.

It will never feel like our last.

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