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A short scene I wrote a while back (with a few tweaks) for fun, thought it would fit today's theme challenge well. :)


He’d always dreamed for this day to come, the day he’d be at the top of the team, the day he’d finally have a name for himself in the world, yet he never realized how nervous he would be.

His crew had spent the last two weeks in the facility, doing basic maintenance and routine check ups, through security cameras and high tech scanners, which could read the molecular schematics of their discovery's inner workings.

That data had been all well and good, but he finally felt the urge to visit the room with human eyes, rather than twiddling thumbs and bated breathes behind a computer monitor.

Garvey entered the decontamination chamber, as he let the cocktail of chemicals coat his body. He felt jittery, the want to just get it all over with, but at the same time, he knew this moment to be the one he had waited for, and wanted to savor every second of it.

He reached for one of the yellow hazmat suits hung up on the left wall, and quickly slipped into it. Placing the helmet piece on, he zipped up, and hooked himself into the cleansing machine, which locked him in place. A second round of chemicals entered the suit to clean its inner linings, the suit deflating slightly.

He felt like the process took much longer than it usually did, most likely some sort of trick his mind played on him, as this time was much different compared to the countless others.

The machine unhooked from the back of the suit, locking it airtight with a sort of temporary plug.

“You ready Garvey?” Johanna said, her voice entered one of his ears and out the other. It took him a moment to respond.

“As ready as ever,” Garvey said with a slight chuckle that echoed with little confidence.

“Opening Chamber 14-B. Good luck in there,” Joannah replied, as the clunk of the doors lock reverberated throughout the room.

The chamber opened, Garvey’s eyes meeting an oasis of green. He took the first step in, carefully avoiding the nerve like tendrils sprouting from the possible “heart” of the plant. A low, thumping beat, could be heard in the room, and it made his stomach uneasy.

With each step closer, his suit began to feel humid, his body starting to drip with sweat. He felt like he was standing in the desert sun wearing winter clothes. It could’ve been born from the temperature the room needed to be kept at, a precise 101 degrees Fahrenheit, but he knew it came from within him.

After all, this was the first time man entered face to face contact with an alien lifeform.

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