Roommates||Chapter1(3/4)|| woosan
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Roommates||Chapter1(3/4)|| woosan

"He doesn't know English?" He asks.

"Only the basics that's it." San says and the younger nods and looks at the older who is still holding his bags.

"Um, my bags." Wooyoung says a bit shyly and points at them and Yunho realises he's still holding them.

"Oh! Um s-sorry." Yunho shyly says and hands his bags back to Wooyoung.

"How do you say it's okay in Korean?" Wooyoung asks San and looks at him.

"It's okay." San says and Wooyoung frowns and takes a few seconds to repeat it in his head.

"It's o- wait what?" Wooyoung says confused and San giggles.

"It's okay" San repeats but a bit slower for him. Wooyoung repeats the words in his head again and he looks at Yunho.

"It's okay" Wooyoung repeats the words and he sees Yunho smile grow bigger and he smiles back knowing he got it right. San smiles also proud of him.

Yunho hands Wooyoung his bags back and Wooyoung holds them and looks back at San.

"Can we take this back to our dorm?" He asks and San nods and looks at Yunho.

"We're gonna head to our dorm to drop these off, you can come if you like." San says to Yunho.

"Actually I can't, I have class in ten minutes remember? And you know how Mr. Park is." Yunho replies and San nods.

"Okay, so see you later?" Yunho nods and smiles.

"Bye Wooyoung." The younger smiles and waves.

"Bye Yunho." Yunho then walks off and rushes to his class and both males walk back to their dorm to drop off Wooyoung's bags.

"Now I'm gonna show you around. It will be a bit because this place is huge." Wooyoung giggles softly and nods.

"Yeah I can tell, so let's go and finish so we can eat. I'm hungry" San chuckles and nods

"Alright let's go then." They then walk out and San shows him around the dorms first and about the sections and what they mean.

"Section A is the high class, meaning they came here with a scholarship. Section B is for the students that pay to come here, which is you and me.

Section C is for the people with a student loan." San explains and Wooyoung nods understanding now.

"That makes sense now." Wooyoung says and they leave the dorm building and head to the University.

"Once you walk in, obviously the front desk is the first thing you see and also students walking around or hanging out. If you have any questions and I'm not anywhere near, you can ask Ms.

Lee, she also knows English because you aren't the only one that came here not knowing Korean. She is really nice, come on I'll introduce her to you.

" San says and walks his way to the front desk with Wooyoung following.

"Ms. Lee, good morning how have you been?" San asks with a soft smile and the lady looks up from her computer and she smiles seeing San.

Wooyoung just stands beside him and leans on the counter and let's them speak.

"San, good morning. I'm doing well thank you, what about you?" She asks. San and Ms.

Lee actually have a nice friendship, he helps her with anything she needs help with and he would be the messenger for her when she's too busy.

"I'm doing really great thanks. I actually came here to introduce you to someone. His name is Wooyoung and he only knows English for now but I'll be helping him learn Korean.

I told him if he has any questions or help he will come to you." San explains and Ms. Lee looks at him with a soft smile.

"Hi, I'm Ms. Lee, like San said. I'll be here anytime you have questions or help." She says and reaches her hand out and Wooyoung looks at her and smiles.

"Wooyoung, and thank you. I will ask if I need anything." He speaks softly and she nods.

"It was nice meeting you Wooyoung."

"It was nice meeting you too Ms. Lee." He then looks at San.

"Can we hurry, I'm getting more hungry." Wooyoung whines and San laughs a little and nods.

"Thank you Ms. Lee, I'll see you later." The brunette says and Ms. Lee smiles and nods.

"Yes of course, have fun." She says and he nods and both boys start walking around.

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