Roommate||Chapter1 (2/4)|| Woosan Ff
Roommate||Chapter1 (2/4)|| Woosan Ff woosan stories
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Roommate||Chapter1 (2/4)|| Woosan Ff

"In your dreams!" Wooyoung then goes back in his dorm and San was laughing and the younger sighs.

"Yeah yeah keep laughing you'll get used to it." He says and walks over to the bed that is empty which means it's his and sits down on the bed.

"Okay sorry, but anyways. Today will be your free day off from classes since they want you to wal-" San couldn't finish talking because Wooyoung interrupts him.

"So I can walk around the school and get used to it and know where my classes are and settle in at the dorms, yeah Hongjoong told me.

" Wooyoung says and looks at San and this time he looks at his features.

His chocolate brown hair, his sharp jawline, how his lips curve up when he smiles and laughs, how his eyes become invisible when he smiles, how small his waist is,

how every curve in his body looks perfect on him.

He likes how his body is in a perfect shape, how healthy he looks, how soft his hair looks, he wants to feel how soft his skin is from how it looks.

How soft his voice sounds and he loves his English accent, he can tell he learned English but still has an accent. He loves how he speaks the words.

He can see how his lips moves and wants to know how soft they will feel on his own-

What the fuck am I thinking! I just met him!

"Wooyoung!" Wooyoung gets snapped back to reality when San snaps his fingers and calls his name.

"Huh? What?" Wooyoung asks and looks at San.

"Are you okay?" The older asks worriedly and Wooyoung smiles and nods.

"Yeah yeah I'm fine." Wooyoung says and clears his throat and leans his back on the wall.

"Did you hear anything I said?" San asks and Wooyoung looks at him again.

"What?" Wooyoung was too spaced out to even realize San was talking.

"I said, after I show you around and tell you the rules and show you how to get to your classes, we can grab something to eat, get to know each other,

and maybe start your lessons in learning Korean because you can't live here without knowing Korean, at least the basics.

Then later I can help you unpack your stuff, if you have anything because I don't see any bags of yours." San repeats his words and Wooyoung smiles and then widens his eyes in realisation.

"My bags! Shit I left them at the front entrance!" Wooyoung says in panic and gets up to rush out but San stops him.

"Do you even know where you're going? I'll take you to the front entrance and if they aren't there we can go to the front desk and ask if anyone brought any bags in.

" San says and the younger looks at him and he nods quickly.

"I need my bags, they have my laptop, chargers, my clothes, my-"

"Wooyoung! We will find your bags calm down." San says and Wooyoung sighs and nods.

"Let's go" Then they both walk out of the dorm and the door automatically locks they both head to the front entrance as Wooyoung follows still not knowing where it is because he doesn't remember.

As they reach the front entrance Wooyoung sees someone picking up his bags and he widens his eyes.

"My bags! Someone's taking them!" Wooyoung says and points at the guy picking them up and looks at San and he sees who's picking them up.

"Hyung! Come here!" San calls out to the boy picking up Wooyoung's bags and the boy looks over and sees San and he sets the bags down and starts walking over to them.

"Bring the bags too idiot." San says and the boy he called out to frowns and picks up the bags and walks to the two boys.

"Do you know him?" Wooyoung asks looking at San.

"Yeah he's my friend, his name is Yunho." San says looking back at him and the younger nods.

"Hey, why did you ask me to bring the bags? Do you know who they belong too?" Yunho, San's friend asked as he got to them.

"Yeah they're his." San replies and points at Wooyoung and Yunho looks at the boy.

"Oh, your probably new I haven't seen you before, I'm Yunho." Yunho says and smiles looking at him and Wooyoung smiles awkwardly and looks at San.

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