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Mute does not mean I do not speak.

The Mute Musican

Walls echoing with each and every.....



The sound of metal clanging can be heard.... As if in jail it sang!

Too a few with an attentive soul these are the sounds of a soul that has gone mute.

Too those who are simply just roaming inattentively these are just the sounds of an irritating song being played on the Jute.

Clap! Clap! follows a groan.

These are the sounds of; I can’t do it on my own.

One that is mute still speaks a language that means the same....

Complicating for the one not being heard as the clues are given out in the language barrier game.

Soft almost silent knock knock knock....

Pleasant in sounds so delicate and sweet.... Too some it appears annoying like the never ending coo coo of a cuckoo clock.

Sounds that are like magic to those who care for the muted beast.

But not a beast at all to those that truly know what the muted one likes to feast.

If only each and every soul that crossed the muted path of this precious soul had taken the time to listen.

Maybe then their heart would also fill with joy when they heard the tune being sung from the often overlooked muted musician.

The Mute Musician Copyright 2020 K.Colquitt All Rights Reserved

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