No Means No..... or Does It??
No Means No.....
                  or Does It?? pleasure stories

kimsorensen Real Life Poems written about life
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No Means No..... or Does It??

Cautiously moving about, so not to make any waves. So hard to do when it’s what one can’t have the body craves.

Knowingly unacceptable yet that won’t mean a thing. That rules out the window so let the fat lady sing.

To deny one of a pleasure will make them want it more. To be told YOU CANT!!! drives the mind to go wild and want to even up the score.

To some the word “no” or “can’t” simply does not exist. Those words are nothing more then an invitation to say not only yes but now I must insist!

To get what you can’t have will come with a cost. This the very reason there are so many of us walking about this land so aimlessly lost.

Fighting a long hard battle they just can’t seem to win. If only they had accepted No for No it would have never given Hell the chance to begin.

No Means No Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt All Rights Reserved

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