My Chains Are Broken
My Chains Are Broken abuse stories

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Bound to a false love until the chains were finally broken.

My Chains Are Broken

Chains are what bound me, to a certain soul,

No soul of mine however,
rather one with so many
unrealistic goals.

Chains of mighty power
stronger then 10 men.

These were the chains of a false love worth nothing more than my phlegm.

Chains that could not be
broken despite all the pain.

Held down by the devil himself,
who said I was to blame.

Until the light shown down on me from the man above.

Suddenly my chains were broken when I was set free by something called true love.

A love so powerful it
required no chains at all.

A love that held me up higher and would catch me should I fall.

A day of celebration to lose my chains for good.

The scars are now healing
exactly like they should.

Those chains are now gone
true love will always last.

I've thrown out my chains forever by leaving them in the past.

My Chains are Broken
Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt
All Rights Reserved

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