I miss you, to the moon and back.

I miss you,
to the moon and back.

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Life is only temporary

I miss you, to the moon and back.

Today I woke and hoped that I was wrong....

I am still searching for answers, I can’t believe it’s been this long.

Even though it’s been a year it’s as fresh as yesterday, so vivid and clear.

I find myself at times stopping dead in my tracks, still thinking your bell is what I hear. .

So many things have changed,

but there is one thing that has not.

My heart still breaks daily, For YOU I have not forgot!!!

You may be an angel in heaven, but your still here with me everyday.

I still feel your presence everywhere I go and I hope that feeling never goes away.

Forgive me if I’m selfish, I miss you so very much.

You were so much more then just a mom, you were my best friend and my rock.

Life has not been the same, at times even been quite a shock.

Your passing brought out the worst in some of us, I have held on the best that I could.

Although it’s been extremely difficult, I’ve held on because you once taught me that I should.

Mom, you may be gone in the flesh but there’s one thing I need you to know.

No matter how busy my life may get, you are still with me everywhere I go.

I refuse to let you go, and I won’t ever let you be forgotten.

I miss you mom, I wish you were still here.

Please know that I love you now more then ever and I hold you near and dear.

I always keep on going though, I know you would want me to be tough.

Until me meet again in heaven mom, I love you and miss you every day .

I will stay strong for you knowing your still with me here in spirit

We will meet again I hold onto that thought.

Each day you will be remembered, for all the good things that you brought.

Dedicated to my dear friend
Lori and her beloved mother,
Mary Nell Spears
R.I.P 9/11/2018

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