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For the snowflakes...

Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture

This is not a story. This is not literature.

This is a spit in the face.

A kick in the nuts. A punch in the tit.

A shooting spree,

of consonants and vowels, aimed at snowflakes.

This is to be loathed. This is to cause anger.

This is to be deleted, blocked, downvoted, canceled and hated.


by coding corpses in Silicon Valley

It is my hope a Twitter Mob forms,

curses my name, relegates me to Louis CK status.

This is my penis and I take it out

a dark web palm reader for the snowflakes.

This is my penis and I take it out

to piss on the face of all Boomers, Gen Xers

and especially the Millennials and Gen Z

You who have grown with smartphones akin to limbs,

priapic pineal glands, ophthalmic screens...

You who have "emotional support animals"

I hope your emotional support animal

mauls you to death like an Alaskan grizzly bear

and you fucking die like that execrable Australian crocodile cunt

You who have "safe spaces"

I want to rig your safe spaces

with prepositions, adverbial pipe bombs

and laugh as they explode like an Ariana Grande concert

Yes, YOU, you snowflakes...

You who have transformed young America

into a coddled wasteland

of mock outrage, moaning prudes

You who subscribe to video game streams on YouTube

You who pay punk ass PewDiePie his millions

while the greatest living poet in America works as a janitor!

You who fight over bathrooms

You who bastardize legitimate arguments,

shame those who marched

shame those who righteously died

You who vote Republican and Democrat

You who watch CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News

You who wish to silence creators

You who are triggered

You who can't take a joke

You who can't fathom opposing views

You who Yelp, write online reviews

in braille

You who protest Bill Burr, Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle

You, you snowflakes: I want to reach into your toilets

to smear myself in your shit

and kick at your cunts and balls as you whine online about my blackface

I want to punch your nose

paint myself in your blood and attack your colleges

with wadded up copies of The Naked Lunch and Tropic of Cancer

I want to hack Spotify

replace every playlist with Public Enemy on a continuous loop

and blast 2 Live Crew

from loudspeakers down every boulevard in Northern California

I want to hog-tie conservatives, make them watch gay porn

I want to hog-tie liberals, make them watch monster truck rallies

Because your phone can block

Your phone can delete

But energy cannot be destroyed

And ART, speech, thought

Are the purest form of energy

The very flesh of emotion...

Currency both malefic and supernal!

And now, snowflakes

now I tie your noose

I grind my knife to your throat

I aim my AK at your temples

Just to tell you this:

Sticks and stones can break my bones

But words will always nourish me...

Let there be commerce!

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