The Delinquent
The Delinquent  stories

kimberlyburksI am a writer who loves suspense.
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The Delinquent

by kimberlyburks

A man has graduated from Law School and moves to New York.

He is sent an inheritance and flies to Florida.

As he proceeds to retrieve the "Will" a life is cut short.

Is the money real, or is this a hoax?

The more about the"Will" the more dead bodies he sees.

Contacts another lawyer, and they investigate the heir.

Why is he in this "Will"? Life is at stake.

Information has put his brother and mother at risk.

More deceivance and more death. A lawyer has died.

Now the delinquent is told that the "will" does not exist.

The investigator is hired and flies to Paris, France.

Now the race is on for a murderer.

The race is also on for a "Will " that landed people dead.

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