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kimberlyburksI am a writer who loves suspense.
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A man is institutionalized for a terrible disease and sees lots of things that should not be happening. Something creeps inside the building, and it his not human. The man sees that they are being transformed into powerful beings, but does not know one thing. that his blood is capable of curing all of them.


by kimberlyburks

A man is institutionalized and is part of a group.

He works with a psychologist who is suspicious.

The patients are truly deteriorating, and withering off.

The patient is confused and wants to leave immediately.

The patient is knocked out and awakens in a observation room

He sees things that should not be happening.

He awakens to what seems to be non humans.

He realizes that he is part of an experiment.

Humans are being sacrificed for genetic experiment.

The patient's Psychologist's body is changing forms..

He is alien

The patients blood is taken and he realizes it is rare.

The patient sees something unbelievable in the next room

Plan: to make the entire human race aliens.

Know it is up to the patient to stop it from happening.

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