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by kimaaya

rain drops dribble, omniscient and teasing

its soft pitter-patter enigmatic

an invitation

the humid symphony resembling a single heartbeat no.. a million tempestuous, pulsating beats melded into one

soft bursts of summer unfurled into the room

intoxicated by the effervescent sparkle of his eyes she moans

receiving his shining seal of her approval

his eyes glitter prophesying her utter ruin

but oh, the scent..disarmingly ardous.. ..rousing

jasmine and brilliance seize the room breath rugged laced with anticipation she waits.

warm lips caress the back of her neck satin fingers trace

the maze that is her the tension, palpable-electric, a minefield -static-

goosebumps set afree her whole body on edge

“come to bed" he says his voice, husky, fervent but tender in its promise

fingers now intertwined in her hair neck pulled back

breathe, racing like a hurricane the kisses fall like a warm summer drizzle then torrid tropical rain

enraptured and alive unsatisfied, it can’t be this easy

“but..i’m not sleepy” she cries, an avalanche he envelopes her the magic in that moment a mesmerizing haze

..apparition or reality? in that moment, she knew

“take me baby” she murmured gaze fixed on his finally, giving up the game.

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