Lust, In Verse
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Black Thick Hair, Drapes A Face.

Lust, In Verse

Black Thick Hair,

Drapes A Face.

Kiss What You Can,

Crush What You Can’t.

You Are The Moth,

They Are The Light.

Teeth That Glint,

Smile Your Way.

Kill All Your Love

Love All You’ll Kill,

Your A Girl Friend,

But Not Their Girlfriend.

Bright Blue Eyes,

Flirt With Yours.

Stare At Their Iris,

If You Have To.

For You Will See,

Their Lust For Blood.

A Deep Laugh,

Steams Your Head.

It Keeps You Safe,

And Keeps You Cold.

You Lower The Gate,

And The Castle’s Done.

Bright Pink Lips,

Smack With Yours

You Should Only Give,

If You Take More.

Kindness Is Power,

To Wolves In Suits.

A Smooth Hand,

Pulls On Yours.

You Are Your Knight,

In Shining Armor.

They Have The Scales,

And Breath That Burns.

A Sculpted Chest,

Rubs On You.

Your Body On Top,

Them Lost Down Below.

An Orgasm Of Power,

When The Blood Flows.

A Thick Member,

Squashed Inside You.

They Pull At You,

But You Push Away,

Your Body It Sweats,

So Close To Breaking.

Then Warming Waves,

That Wash You.

You Have Your Needs.

And Need Not Stay.

The Risks Are Great,

Your Soul At Stake.

Stale Lift Air,

Touches Your Nose.

This Battle Is Won.

It’s Your Tenth One.

You Glide Through Night,

Bathed In A Glow.

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