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A man tries to unlock his third eye. (Heavily inspired by Homunculus)


A man sat alone in his bathroom, many posters of people with bandages on their head, seeming to advertise something. He uses his bare feet to drag a box of tools closer to himself.

He sighs and lifts up his headband, using it to keep his hair off of his forehead. He removes his shirt and tosses it aside, staring into the cracked mirror. "Here we go..

" he turns on hot water and soaks a hand rag, cleaning his face with it.

He takes a deep breath and chugs a bottle of nondescript alcohol, before stabbing a needle in his forehead, injecting anesthetics.

He tosses the needle aside and shivers, picking up a box cutter and slicing and "X" into the highest part of his forehead.

He couldn't feel this at all of course because of the mixture of alcohol and anesthetics. He sighs and stares down at the battery powered 7mm drill in his box, and gulps, picking it up.

"This is the only way I'll be able to unlock my third eye.. the increased blood flow.. this possibility of ESP.. I’ll.. I’ll just stop as soon as I can’t feel the bit on my skull anymore..

I can do this." he suddenly places the drillbit into the incision on his forehead and yells out his battlecry, turning the drill on.

Pieces of skull and blood splattered all over the place, the smell of charred bone wafting through the open window.

He could not feel any pain, but the mere vibrations from the drill caused him to curl his toes so hard the nails cut into the bottom of soles.

He suddenly drops the drill and his head hangs, revealing the pool of crimson at his feet. He looks down into it, seeing his reflection, and his new third eye.

He grins, holding his face "I did it! I’M INVINCIBLE!

" he cleans his wound up and pulls out any leftover skull bits with a tweezer, before bandaging his forehead and covering it with his headband "Ha.. you can’t even tell..

I have transcended beyond human mortality.." He murmurs, before passing out from the blood loss, smacking his chin off of the sink, and dying

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