Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Where to Go From Here?
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Where to Go From Here? springtrap stories

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It's the end of one story, the beginning of another! What should we do?

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Where to Go From Here?

Alright, so this is not the last story I'll be writing, fellow masqueraders!

My account is dedicated to FNAF especially William/Springtrap because he's my favorite and I find him the most interesting.

More stories means more scenarios! I'm thinking about writing another x reader story about William before he dies and maybe another Springtrap story that takes place in Fazbear's Fright!

Now, believe it or not, I actually do love other fandoms, haha. So, maybe I'll include mini stories and one shots for Link (Legend of Zelda) or something from Gravity Falls.

You never know! Probably every story is going to be an x reader as well, so buckle up because this is not the end of the road!

If any of you have ideas or things you want to see more of in my stories, let me know and I'll credit you.

Also worth mentioning, if you create fan art of my work, I will also feature it at the end of that story, crediting you again too.

Before I go, I want to mention some behind the scenes events that led up to the creation of this story. Honestly, I hated FNAF.

Without the lore, I thought it was just a game that progressively looked creepier until it was unrealistic. Same boring formula, blah blah blah.

WRONG! I was so wrong. There was a murder mystery going on and I have loved solving these things ever since I was watching Scooby Doo and playing my first Nancy Drew game ever.

That was twelve years ago.

After watching Matpat's Game Theories on YouTube, playing the games myself, watching Markiplier (and other YouTubers) play through everything, then doing my own research,

I finally uncovered my scary appreciation for the series. I'm obsessed.

I don't remember exactly what prompted this image in my head one day, but I recall seeing a girl dancing with Springtrap in a beautiful golden dress. So shiny.

Every time I heard I Caught Myself by Paramore, I kept seeing the picture. That's when I knew I had to sit down and write a story.

So truly, I wrote this not knowing what plot or what narrative this should be written in.

I didn't think many people would even like it! So, originally, I kept the author hidden until the first real chapter was published (hence why I call everyone 'masqueraders.

' It was like we all wore masks without knowing who we really were).

All I knew is that if I was going to write something, it better be worth your time and the characters should be as close to being canon as possible.

Anyways, that was my little thing about Blood and Steel. I hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing. Till next time.

~Mare (The Masquerade)

I'll take any and all questions! :D You can find me on:

Quotev @.KillersLikeCandy

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