Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Easter Special! Pt. 2
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Easter Special! Pt. 2 springtrap stories

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It's Easter at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria! Come join your friends on such a special holiday.

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Easter Special! Pt. 2

"No no, I just picked them because they were cute. Look, I made you guys some Easter eggs! There's still some left over crafts if you guys want to celebrate Easter with me.

" I flash a bright smile at the two, Bonnie and Freddy make their way over as well.

Chica claps her hands together and Bonnie's ears perk up. They are definitely the most childish out of the four and would certainly appreciate this more than Freddy and Foxy might.

Freddy picks at the basket and finds his egg with a little bear cub on it. This one has a tiny top hat resting on the egg. I managed to glue it on before a kid snagged it. "Crafts you say...

Where might we find these said 'crafts?'"

I snicker and point to the eastern hallway near the gift shop where I originally found my favorite little Bonnie plush. Freddy's crew stalks towards the stations.

Tomorrow morning, we'll have to put them up before the day officially starts, but for now, let them play and feel like kids again.

I'm still sitting on the table, my head turned so I can watch them leave them room. In that time, I pick up a new set of feet making their way to my spot.

With a smile on my face, I turn back to greet him.


"Hey, Springtrap." I beckon him to me, not that he wasn't already walking this way. "Look, I made you something. Lean down so I can reach, please.

" The golden rabbit skeptically stares at the object in my hands.

He recoils slightly once he realizes I want to put the rabbit ears on his head. "You're not going to make me wear a sparkly headband, are you? (Y/n), please.

" He shakes his head disapprovingly.

"Oh, come on, Springs! Look, I'm wearing rabbits on my head. They look like you! I made this one for you, pleeeeeeeeeease!" Puppy eyes are out tonight.

I even tilt my head for extra magic. This... actually proves very effective on him. Springtrap groans outwardly, then leans down.

At this gesture, I bestow upon him, thy bunny ears! "I hope you like purple because that's all they had left."

"I like purple, yes. I just didn't expect to have four ears." He's standing straight again. His right arm outstretches to boop the soft bunnies on my head. "It's cute." Silence.

"Where did everyone else go?"

"Mmm, they went to dye some eggs and color. I should check on them- Wouldn't want that dye getting on their fur, haha. I wouldn't hear the end of it." I slip off the table.

I know Springs is going to follow behind me. The thought is only confirmed when I hear his footsteps matching my pace so that he remains beside me the whole way to the other animatronics.

When we reach the others, Bonnie and Foxy are arguing (unsurprisingly).

        "Don't you hurt my rabbit! He's mine!" Bonnie is holding a chocolate rabbit in gold foil wrapping. Foxy is hovering over him and trying to snatch the treat.

        "Yar! I got him first, he's mine to do whatever I please!" 

Freddy is trying to calm the two and bring peace. Poor guy is probably the wisest and most mature out of all of them. He can't seem to keep order though.

Meanwhile, Chica is too busy carefully using one of those metal egg holding things to lay an egg in the orange dye. It's total chaos.

"(Y/n), please help me-" Freddy is pleading for assistance while his friends fight over some chocolate. They can't even eat it!

Before I can step in, the two struggle so hard for possession of the item that they crush it. Both the fox and the rabbit pause and stare at the destruction they caused.

All of us, even Chica turns around to witness the accident, the death of a chocolate friend. It's Springtrap's laughter that pulls us out of our trance.

At least he doesn't have anything rude or snarky to say like he usually does.

        "Look at what you've done, Bonnie. It's all yer fault! I found him first and ye broke the lad."

        "You were going to break him anyways! I was just trying to protect him!"

"Guys, guys!" I step in, my hands outstretched to keep them apart. The robots turn away from one another and cross their arms stubbornly. Ugh... kids.

Remember how I said I didn't like kids much? "Look, it was an accident. Bonnie, that was Foxy's. You shouldn't have taken it from him in the first place. Foxy, you shouldn't be so mean.

You guys are friends, practically brothers by this point. Come one, let me see you guys hug it out."

        Foxy whirls around to face me and shakes his head. "There's no way!" Bonnie is already turned back around, his arms are out and awaiting a hug. "No. Way."

"Come on, Foxy, I said you need to hug it out. You guys love each other, don't be mad or fight." Chica is laughing with Freddy, the two are back to dying eggs.

A few came out really well. But anyways, after a few more stubborn moments, the fox finally hugs Bonnie. Remember how I also said kids have their moments? Yeah, this is what I meant.

They can actually be cute sometimes. Someone's hand rests on my shoulder. When I look back, I can see it's just Springs. Now that everyone's settled down, we can relax again.

"There's more chocolate bunnies. I'll fetch them in a second. Thank you guys for working it out."

        Foxy and bonnie mutter amongst themselves and Chica finishes her project. "A happy family."

        Yes, happy Easter.

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