Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 9 Pt. 2
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 9 Pt. 2 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 8 before continuing.

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 9 Pt. 2

“So angry, Doll.” He nods his head as he expected this would be my reaction. Though his voice is patronizing, I can pick up the hurt undertones.

It would seem he’s upset that I’m fuming at him. Although, he didn’t expect me to remain this close... Ah, he suddenly remembers having forced me to stay in his lap.

Springtrap considers releasing me, but his ultimate decision is to selfishly hold me hostage in his lap. The rabbit rests a hand on my arm. He’s testing waters.

My immediate reaction is to flinch and pull away, so I do. “See? You don’t even want me around anymore. Your ignorance could have made you happy.

” Springtrap pulls his hand away and examines the smeared mud. Some splotches had dried, caking and matting the velvety fur underneath. It’s going to be a disaster to remove.

“And you’re cleaning this up. You’re lucky you didn’t inflict any real damage.”

        “I wanted to.” I hiss out the last part venomously. He doesn’t stop me from getting up this time, but he does hastily follow when I make a beeline for the woods. 

        “Where are you going?”

”Away from here. You're sick and demented and cruel." I ball my fists and trudge away from the scene. Stupid rabbit- stupid stupid stupid, he’s still playing these mental games.

I never should have given him a chance! Fresh salty tears prick at my eyes, but they refuse to fall. I should have known it was him all along.

"We're all monsters here. I'm hardly to blame for this...

" Springtrap raises his right arm, swirling it around as he rakes his mind for the proper word to describe the fates of five dead children, "Misfortune."


Whirling around, I throw my arms into the air out of utter infuriation, my blood boiling.

How dare he act like this was nothing? "A misfortune? Really? You're not to blame? Really?" By this point, the rabbit was climbing back to his feet.

He made sure to keep a careful eye on my body language in case I thought of running from him. He doesn't even blink .

"Yes, I know what I did upsets you, but I'm not the only guilty character in this affair.

If those kids were so innocent and perfect, then why do they haunt the halls at night? Why are they so adamant on killing you?

You’re merely someone that knows nothing of what they've been through and yet your skin is littered with fresh scars.

" I open my mouth to lash back- They wouldn't be so ruthless if he hadn't mutilated them! "If they weren't so bloodthirsty, they would have settled for killing me.

" It was as if he read my mind. Springtrap gestures to his mechanical body now that he's within a few feet of me, basically proving that he was slain by his own victims.

He cocks his head, blinks once as if waiting for a response. When there was none, he proceeds. "How many night guards before you never made it this far? A hefty amount.

It’s no wonder you got the job so swiftly." He brings a cupped hand to my chin, brushing a thumb lightly across the surface. A husky chuckle reverberates from within his chest cavity.

"And... I'd call you a monster too. Why? Because you haven't run from me yet. You must be some kind of crazy." I guess he’s not entirely wrong, he’s got a point.

I would pull away, but I can't. The tears threatening to overflow finally burst through the dam, cascading down my plump cheeks.

"Then what do you want from me?" My words are muffled under the sobs, yet he hears me anyway.

"I want you to forgive us, forgive me." At this, his hands slips from my face, now resting on my shoulder. It's the strangest thing...

I would rather kill over than have him to touch me, but more than anything, I want some form of contact from someone. I feel like I've been alone in this nightmare for so long.

"You can't change us, we are what we are and I am still who I've always been. I know you came here wanting to make a change to the restaurant, then you wanted to save us, but you can't.

We've long accepted this fact, maybe you will too...?"

He finishes the last part as if to ask whether I would be okay with who they are. I understand: he's still a killer and he will always be one.

I accept the terms, nodding my head in response. I've solved all there is to this mystery, yet it's all for nought.

I've just agreed not to turn in the evidence and leave the dysfunctional family to their miseries and devices.

Helplessness fills my gut and immediately after, my knees almost buckle under the crushing weight of regret.

Springtrap, steps forward so that I fall into his chest rather than straight to the ground. At least the thick coat of mud blanketing the two of us masks the scent of decay a bit. He smells...

earthy. "Aw, you poor thing. At such a loss. All you wanted to do was help when no one else would.

" He slinks an arm around my back as if to hug me while the other brushes loose strands of hair away from my face. I, too, bring my arms around him.

"You know what might cheer you up? What if you danced with me?"

For obvious reasons, I don't answer right away and instead blink the confusion away. I'm taken aback by the blunt, out of nowhere question.

I would believe he misspoke, but when I lifted my head to see his face, he was staring back. His eyes, though mechanical, pleaded that I would say yes. Ah... that makes me very uncomfortable.

"I-I can't dance and... n-no  offense, but can you?" I bite my lip, fearing he might take offense and drop me to the ground or something.

But rather, he throws his head back in a fit of laughter. Springtrap does pull away from the hug, but not because he's angry. He's just holding his chest and head to steady himself.

A relieved chuckle escapes me while I watch the rabbit pull himself together.

"'Can I dance?' Firstly, I want to remind you that Spring Bonnie is a back up singer and performer in Fredbear's mini band. He can certainly move with efficiency..

Er, as long as he's not caked in dirt." Oops? "Secondly, I used to be a fine dance partner back in my day if I do say so myself." Ugh, so cocky. I can practically hear the smirk in his voice.

Not to mention he's already showing off fancy footwork. It's totally unnecessary. Instantly, I regret asking him anything. Of course the decrepit animatronic can dance.

What can't it do? What can't William do?

Despite my tone, there is an amused smile adorning my face. Springtrap decides it's far more rewarding to look at than the despair I'd shown earlier.

"Fine, fine! Settle down before your ego over inflates until you're floating away or something stupid like that." I punch him lightly in the arm, not in a rude way.

It's just my unique way of showing affection. I used to punch my dad all the time, particularly in the back when he wasn't looking. "But, that doesn't change the fact that I have two left feet."

At last, he relaxes for a moment, sighing contentedly. "Then promise me this: tomorrow morning, you get cleaned up and I'll meet you at the pizzeria that night as usual.

You'll dance with me then, yes?"

I did not agree to this- But he's so much happier than I've ever seen him. Even his voice is fabricated with giddiness like a child getting dessert. "Alright, I promise.

" And for a while... I don't feel so bad anymore. This doesn’t mean everything is forgiven, but the moral of this story is that what’s done cannot be changed for better or for worse.

All we can do is move on. He and the others found a new way of living and though their new family is far from perfect, they’re happier like this than they would be if I shutdown the pizzeria

        Little did I know, Springtrap's fluffy rabbit tail has been wagging excitedly since I agreed to his dance.

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