Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 9 Pt. 1
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 9 Pt. 1 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 8 before continuing.

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 9 Pt. 1

I couldn’t sleep in the rain. I couldn’t bring myself to move after being awake for so long and screaming  for hours at Springtrap.

My body rests exhaustedly in the grass, the last bit of the storm had let up about half an hour ago. Even so, the rolling clouds over head fail to evade my line of sight.

It’s totally dark, but every once in a while, a bolt of lightning casts enough light for me to see perfectly. My eyes are locked on the slumped figure several yards from me, he hasn’t moved.

I don’t need my watch to know it’ll be any moment now.

Using my balled fists, I push off the muddy ground. It slushes and squishes beneath the load. The result leaves me stumbling a bit, but I do manage to get up.

My fatigued body battles internally with my determination to stand, arms hanging limply as my feet carry my deadweight body towards the rabbit.

At last, he stirs. Springtrap recognizes he’s no longer sitting comfortably against a tree and has fallen in the mud.

He brings his left hand up to examine the damage: mud coats the beautiful gold that once encased him. I don’t need the ability to read minds to hear the questions buzzing wildly in his head.

Before he can worry where I’ve gone, he continues to check the rest of his systems. Amazing how I failed to gunk up his internal contraptions with the wet dirt.

He deserved nothing short of permanently shutting down.

Again, I reach down to pick up more mud and ball it up before throwing it at him. I release an exasperated groan as the sludge weakly leaves my grip.

Springtrap’s reactions are lightning fast for having just woke up. He’s turns in my direction, arms raised to stop the projectile from hitting him anymore.

“What the hell are you doing? Have you lost your mind?” He snarls and rises to his feet.

Huffing and puffing for air, I grab more fistfuls of the earth, ceasing to stop throwing them in his direction despite my horrible aim as well as a weak arm. He hardly has to dodge.

Furthermore, this monster continues walking in my direction. His left arm is raised and extended just in case I manage to hit him in the face.

“Get away from me, you monster! I hate you!” I almost trip over my own legs as I back away from the rabbit.

His eyes light up the darkness of the night with the same silvery color the lightning provided.

By this point, there’s only a yard (three feet) between us. He quickly closes the gap before I can toss anymore mud.

His hands immediately close around my wrists and squeeze hard enough that I fear they might shatter.

Like a bird trapped in a cage, I’m wildly thrashing in his grip, kicking and screaming at him to let me go. “Shhh, stop making so much noise.

” He hasn’t put together what could possibly bring on this outburst or why I’ve been trying to destroy the Spring Bonnie suit while he was sleeping.

Worse, he’s trying to make me relax, but he can’t. Not while I’m aware of the horrific things he’s done.

So, we continue to struggle against each other in the grass, pushing and shoving until we topple over.

Unsurprisingly, I’m the one being crushed under his merciless weight and the air in my lungs flees as I’m crushed between the ground and the rabbit.

The fall causes his artificial eyes to flicker out momentarily before the lights in his eyes return.

I’m already trying desperately to crawl out from under him and hopefully regain my lost breath. “Get off me, get off me!” I can’t move- I can’t breathe!

”You’re going to tell me what happened first. Answer me!” I can’t- I can’t say anything. My fingers twitch as I attempt to clutch the freshly rained on grass and drag myself away.

It’s too slippery and I can no longer conjure the strength to move my body. My limbs are paralyzed.

“For Pete’s sake-“ Springtrap recognizes that I can’t breathe and lifts himself from my wrecked form, now sitting up right. He makes sure to pull me back to him. Not like I could escape anyways.

He pulls me into his lap, which of course, I try to object by attempting to roll away. Springtrap responds with a growl and holds me tighter.

I’m thoroughly disgusted by him and what he’s done. It’s only fitting that I should end up in his lap- Instead of fighting him off any further, I allow my body to recover from the fall.

“It was you... you killed them.” I choke on a sob at that last line. My hands return to my face in a cupping manner. I’m not even crying anymore. There’s no tears left, but I try anyways.

There is a long pause between us. It’s silent aside from my hiccuping cries and distant thunder. I expected some reaction, but there’s nothing. He doesn’t even move.

I think the fact that he’s remaining silent scares me me the most, so I peek through my fingers to see what he’s doing.

        I almost jump in shock when I see that he’s just staring at me. His eyes are blinding my own orbs-

        “Yes, I did.”


        I swallow hard and refrain myself from recoiling at his words. Why him? 

        Springtrap doesn’t immediately answer. He’s still watching me unblinkingly.

“Because, Doll, it was fun. I’d have killed you too but you’re not a child. It’s not the same.” The tone is a harsh “matter of factly” one.

He doesn’t even sound remotely remorseful or regretful. Springtrap only pushes further to break my mind, to watch me squirm.

“There’s nothing better than being in a room with the scent of freshly spilled blood and listening to the sound of a child’s gurgling screams while their bones are being crushed from within.

The life leaving their eyes? Extraordinary! But the most spectacular spectacle is their ultimate survival. Look at us! Alive and well.

” He opens his arms widely to gesture as if this was a grand revelation. Oh God- he really is a psychopath and a full blown serial killer.

And he was married? Yeah right- God forbid he ever had children before he died. I don’t think it’s likely that he had any especially since his wife abandoned him.

He never mentioned having children.

        “What about Circus Baby’s Pizza World? What’s that?” 

        “How do you know about that?”

        ”I found an old news article. It said you, William Afton, were the head guy around there. What happened?” 

Springtrap doesn’t respond to this question. Instead, his ears fall back against his head, the first real humane emotion I’ve seen from him.

The rabbit’s gaze is far away as if lost in thought and battling internally with himself. He’s trying to recover and hide his vulnerability.

It would seem he doesn’t ever show this form of weakness to anymore. Maybe not even to his wife?

        Let’s say for argument’s sake that something tragic happened at his restaurant. Maybe it emotionally broke him; thus, he hid from his wife. It strained their relationship and...

But I don’t have anything to prove or base these accusations off of. Better to just stay quiet.

I’m still upset with him, he’s still a horrible person, but seeing him literally heartbroken is making me ache. Perhaps I should be reveling in his suffering. I should laugh, but I can’t.

“Forget I asked. It’s probably not connected to this pizzeria.”

My words just barely break though to him, piercing his concentration. His ears once more spring back to their original positioning and he focuses his eyes back on mine.

“No, they’re not related. The only thing connecting them was my research projects. You wouldn’t understand.”

He’s right. If this “research” revolves around the children coming back to life in new forms after being murdered, the.

there’s nothing scientific or groundbreaking enough to justify his actions. Let alone the thrills he got from killing.

        “You went snooping. You could have been happy if you hadn’t gone looking for reasons and explanations. Your ignorance could have made you happy.”

Allowing the change in subject to slide, I scoff and fold my arms over my chest in protest.

“Yes, I would have been totally happy with the serial killer getting away after I thought he killed you as well as the kids.

I would have been happy being trapped here with so many dead people and never seeing my family again.

I would have been happy letting such a corrupt corporation get away with hiding the deaths of so many innocents... excluding you. But they were hiding you in a back room as well.”

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