Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 7 Pt. 1
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 7 Pt. 1 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 6 before continuing.

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 7 Pt. 1

Aye! I'm sorry for the one day delay! I had prom over the weekend and it got super busy, but I wrote an extra long chapter and finished it one day overdue to make up the wait.

Have fun and stay safe this week. School's almost over.



Many Lives ~ Andrew Belle

Forget all the times that you sat felt sorry for yourself

Cause that's done I hope that you're falling for me and not just for my wealth

Cause there's none

My heart's speeding up so I think that we should take it slow

Oh no,

I Think we should try to see just how far this thing can go

Oh, oh


The police came back. I know they did because I woke during the day.

They know I’m here somewhere because Herbie, my car, has been parked out front of the restaurant for several days unattended.

I overheard someone saying they were going to have it hauled off and searched yet again. Worse, I’ve been pronounced missing.

There’s no trace of my presence anywhere and because I haven’t been in the office like I should have been, there’s no fingerprints.

No proof I even made it into the building especially considering my Fazbear security outfit has been sitting unused for several days.

They did, however, notice the absence of my uniform shirt which I bear now. Springtrap gave it to me.

This detail proved unhelpful because when the boss was questioned with who tampered with my outfit, he easily blamed the animatronics since they are in “free roam at night” for...

reasons and they could have possibly snagged it. Since I never touched the material or left a loose hair on it, they’ll never find which shirt it may have been.

Meanwhile, I was trapped in the parts and services room yet again. I was awake. But to ensure I didn’t make a sound, I found a cloth neatly tied against my mouth.

I can’t speak, I can’t even stand while this costume weighs me down. Hopeless and helpless, I remained here as I was told, dreading the time I had left before the animatronics woke.

That time has come once more. I guess we’d be heading out today, Springtrap and I.

Yesterday, he said it was no longer safe for him to dwell here during the day hours and wouldn’t risk them finding me either. That’s not fair for me.

They want me trapped with them in a monstrous place full of haunted robots for the rest of my life. That also means they’ll kill me at any point.

No one said I had to live for many more years to come just “the rest of my life.

” I’ve been here for days and I still don’t know what happened to these people or why they started haunting this kids’ entertainment and family restaurant.

Point is: I suck at mystery solving and I wasn’t given a fair chance.

At last, someone opens the door to my room. I’m surprised to find it isn’t Springtrap though. It’s Freddy.

He crouched down to my level and peers into the mask, using his light up eyes to check if I’ve woke. I have, obviously, and squint against the harsh light.

“I mean no offense, but I think I wear this look a little better than you, ma’am.” His voice is somewhat humored.

        For a moment, I stare at him with confusion. Then I recall I’m trapped in a hollowed Freddy suit.

        Well, it’s not funny.

He must sense that I’m uncomfortable because he’s no longer “smiling” the way he seemed to before. “Alright, let’s go. You haven’t eaten, so Chica is finishing up a pizza.

" Freddy grips the mascot's head and removes it though not as skillfully as Springtrap would have. Once free of the bear costume, I stand to my feet.

The sudden usage of my legs after so many hours of sitting nearly causes my knees to buckle, but I grab a nearby shelf with Bonnie's head on it to stabilize myself.

Freddy is reaching for the door to open it, but I can't let him leave yet. I need to find out what happened that was so devastating, it caused these children to remain here for eternity.


Freddy immediately switches his eyes to black sockets with white pinpricks in the middle. God... I hate that look.

Shivers dance down my spine while I battle the overwhelming mortality I'm feeling right now. He scans the room for whatever caused me to scream so suddenly. Nothing.

By the time the bear turns back to me, his eyes have returned to normal.

"Sorry... I just wanted to ask you something before you left." I look down and twiddle my fingers to ease my nervousness, though it doesn't seem to make a difference.

"Something horrible happened to you and the others. Even Springtrap. I... wanted to ask how you wound up in those suits like... this." By the end, I've lifted my gaze back to the brown bear.

He remains silent for a long time.

I immediately regret asking him and almost try taking it back, but the robot interjects before I can.

"We saw you in the manager's office, you know?" How? They're asleep by day and you can't see the stage from the manager's office door. That's impossible.

"You stole some newspapers, didn't you? Maybe you should try giving them a second look. I bet if you checked his room again, you might also find some information on Springtrap too.

" Freddy takes a step closer to me which in turn I step back and attempt shrinking. "Don't let the rabbit catch you." Oh no! Those papers are at home and I can't go back there.

He turns on his heels and exits the room. I stand in the dark, goosebumps running up my arms with the information I was given.

So, I should check the main office again, but Springtrap can't know? He somehow knew I broke in there last time. That was BEFORE I'd even broken the wall down to his hidden space.

How can I get away with it this time?

        "(Y/n)! Get out here!"

Crap, I need to go. Swallowing a lump in my throat, I also leave that space. It seems Chica's already finished baking the pizza and has a slice left on a plate. It's pepperoni.

"I never liked veggies, so I didn't put any on your pizza either." Chica places a cup of water on the table too.

Wow, this pizza was certainly cut funny, but who am I to complain? Muttering a "thanks", I dig in, no hesitation. Springtrap's presence is hardly noticed while he watches me eat. Um...

it's awkward. In fact, they're all watching me.

I clear my throat, having eaten to my fill, but now their piercing gazes, are really bothering me. I down the cup of water while keeping my eyes on the animatronics.

They haven't made a sound and I'd almost believe they were turned off if they weren't blinking from time to time. "So... Why are you guys acting so weird?"

"None of us have made pizza from scratch before, we did our best." Bonnie was standing almost directly behind me, but now comes forward with his hand on my shoulder.

He's examining my now empty plate carefully to make sure I left not even a crumb. I'll be honest, it was pretty greasy, but that's the basic culture of these restaurants.

If the pizza isn't greasy and if it's really great tasting, something's very wrong.

My index finger is lifted slightly as I prepare to declare my opinion, but I'm cut off by Springtrap. "We need to go now. I need to find a suitable place to stay during the day.

Doll, come." He's beckoning me like a dog. I suppose he didn't want to hear my criticism.

"Do I need anything?" I rise to my feet, scanning the area for the off chance I might spot the baseball bat I brought with me several nights ago.

Maybe I could hit Springtrap with it while we're away. Alas, my eyes don't spot the blunt object. They must have hid it in case the cops found it laying on the stage.

Also, Springtrap's hidden room has been covered up already. It's not how I originally found it, however.

Someone placed the arcades I discovered inside the room just outside the doorway to conceal the secretive place.

They don't work, so it is suspicious, but when the restaurant is shut down, the screens for all the games are turned off as well. "Did you...

?" I turn back to ask the golden animatronic if he was responsible for hiding the damage. He shook his head negatively then gestured towards the exit.

Seems he's not interested in any of my questions either.


"There's nothing you need that you don't already have on you. Let's go.

" I follow obediently, casting one more glance at the door and the other four animatronics I'll be leaving behind for now.

I haven't been outside for days- It'll feel nice to have the crisp spring air of the night brushing against my face. Speaking of brushes... I really need one for my hair and teeth.

I'd tell Springtrap he could use one too, but I don't imagine he'd laugh.

Together, we head down the hallways to the glass doors on the building. They're locked from the outside, so we have no issue exiting. "At last.

" I raise my hands to the starlit sky, absorbing the fresh air and moonlight for the first time in nearly a hundred hours. A smile graces my face, eyes shutting in pure joy.

I feel freedom washing over my body until a voice brings me back to Earth. His voice. Suddenly, I'm reminded that I may as well be chained to this character. I'm not free.

"You act like you haven't seen the sky in years. I haven't seen the sky in years. Let's go." Just like that, my smile is replaced with a frown.

If he's so upset for being stuck in one place for so long, you'd think the guy would enjoy being out here a little more.

Springtrap is already walking around the building to get to the back, so I have to catch up.

"What's your deal? Aren't you glad to be out here?" I march up beside him and try to get a look at his face in hopes of detecting even the slightest of emotions, but there's just nothing.

I guess he can't shift his face anyhow, but maybe his eyes would give away something he might be feeling. Still, nothing. He doesn't acknowledge me and simply presses on.

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