Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 6 Pt. 2
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 6 Pt. 2 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 5 before continuing!

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 6 Pt. 2

        “Wait-! It’s fine. Not them, please not them!”

Chica reluctantly steps off her stand and makes her way to our table, cupcake in hand. It’s watching me.

Her magenta irises leave a pinkish glow against the shadows as she stops next to my kidnapper.

At last, my foot is dropped and the rabbit mutters a “thank you” before backing away, leaving me with the yellow chicken. She sets her robotic dessert upon the table, then turns back to me.

Making a swirling motion with her hand, she signals me to turn around. Everyone’s still watching me- this doesn’t help at all. All I wanted was privacy. Thanks, you stupid rabbit.

The bloodied cloth comes over my head and is dropped on the table. Something sits on the chair behind me and I can feel the table sagging under the weight as well.

Must be the robotic chicken. Springtrap must have brought in a wet rag and some minor medical supplies (that’s all they had lying around).

She’s using the rag to wipe away the dry and fresh blood from my body.

I jump each time the rag comes in contact with my back,

but I can’t tell if it’s because the water is cold or if it’s my unease of having an animatronic that dragged me by the hair down a hallway behind me.

My hands anxiously rest in my lap as I wait for it to be over, unease lifting the last bit of food left in my body to the back of my throat.

My body quivers until I realize something is being repeatedly stuck to my back in several places along the tear Foxy left in my skin.

My back straightens and I attempt to turn around to see what she’s doing, but her hands turn me back around by my shoulders.

Someone else approaches from behind me again and I'm sure I already know who it is.

“Chica, what are you doing?” I gulp and slip a hand behind my back, trying to feel for what’s back there. Nevertheless, she pushes my hand away.

“Bandaids.” Is all she says. She’s grabbing for the uniform shirt I was supposed to wear for work and holds it up behind me so I can slip my arms through the holes.

I guess the shirt was unbuttoned already.

Springtrap is laughing at us. I guess I would be too if someone put bandaids all the way down my back. She’s basically a kid after all.

How would she know? She’s doing the best to be “nurse like” and if he wanted to do it right, he should have done it himself.

        I guess I did tell him off...

        But that’s besides the point!

After I’ve buttoned the shirt up, I turn around to face the two and thank Chica for her help. When I don't thank Springtrap, he takes the opportunity to speak up again.

"We don't have much time left before your 'shift' is over. Do you know what happens when six a.m. comes around, Doll?" My heart catches in my throat as he leans down to my level.

His one good ear falls forward and almost taps the top of my head. I can recall the events of two nights ago.

Foxy had nearly killed me, but as the clock rang six, the animatronics seemed to have regained their senses and returned to their spots.

"Considering you're not actually working here anymore and you have nowhere to go, you'll need a place to hide until we wake at midnight." So...

he's saying they're no longer possessing these robotic suits unless it's between the hours of midnight and six?

        Realization hits me square in the face. I almost can't control my glee! I could escape while they aren't in control, find my dad, and shut down Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria for good. 

Springtrap doesn't need to see a smile gracing my face to know what I'm thinking. He closes more space between us until our faces are merely inches apart.

He's so close that I swear I can just barely make out something inside the sockets of his mascot's head...

"If you think about leaving, I'll follow you home one night and rip you into smiling shreds. Then, I'll leave you displayed for your incompetent father."

        "You can't keep me here forever!"

Chica jerks her head in unnaturally angles, cracking and clanking metal parts halt my train of thoughts.

Then, she slams her hand down on the table, shaking the plastic and nearly cracking it under her force. "We didn't have a choice. Don't act so upset that you're stuck with us."

        Behind her, I can see Bonnie, Foxy and Freddy approaching. "We can be a good family."

        "Don't you like us?"

        "I miss having a family."

        "What's wrong with us?"

        "Are we not good enough for you?"

I can't breathe- I press my back against the back of my chair, trying to get away from the monsters enclosing in on me. Springtrap allows the four to get closer as he steps back.

He shakes his head at me dejectedly. "What a shame. Now that they want you alive, you wish they'd rather kill you so you never have to see them again. How insulting.

" A feigned hand settles on his chest. "It's not like we chose this life."

Foxy raises his hook and turns to his companions. "We have a bit more time. I say we just kill the lass and leave her.

" The fox turns back to me, his jaw opened as wide as the air cylinders in his head permit. He acts like he's about to lunge at me.

I whimper and hide my head between my knees, but when nothing happens, I peek back out. He wanted to see my reaction. "Aw, not so tough now, are ye?"

        Even Bonnie hovers in a hostile manner over me. "Where's your pepper spray?"

"Stop it. She has no choice but to stay with us, so stop." It's Freddy this time. He's stalking back to the stage on his own, top hat drooping with shame.

He hates what he's become, but he hates that he can't change it even more.

For a moment, the others pause as if they'd stopped working, then they too head back to their places.

Chica watches both Springtrap and me for a minute longer before she follows her friends away from the party tables.

"Ah, kids. So temperamental and they can never make up their minds. Look at what you did to these poor children. Really, well done.

You've managed to surprise me two nights in a row, darling. You ought to be ashamed." Springtrap is back at my side, bumping me with his elbow as if this were a joke.

"Listen, this place isn't opening back up until they make sure I'm locked in the back room again. I will not be returning there anymore.

I'll see this place destroyed before they lock me up a second time. The least you can do is play along in the meantime. It's not so hard. We've been doing it for years."

I'm shaking, my eyes are spastically glancing from robot to robot, but I rise to my feet anyways. My hands clench at my sides.

There's no chance I can run away in this condition, but I can at least stand my ground. I want no part in this freak show and pretend "dollhouse.

" "I'm not some toy to be used when you feel like it. It's not my fault something terrible happened to you all! You cannot hold me accountable for an accident that took place before my time.

Back when I was your age!" I turn to face the crew on the stage, desperately trying to make them understand how I feel. "I came here to help you and find out what happened.

I can't do it if I'm your hostage."

A golden hand crashes against my mouth, slamming my mouth shut and forcing me against Springtrap's chest. Once again, he's choking the air out of my lungs.

The rabbit sighs and tilts his head, groaning behind me. "You've gotten far too comfortable here. It's time I remind you that you do as I say and not the other way around.

You're not a hero, you're not helping anybody by acting out. If you want to 'help us,' then do as I damn well say.

Tomorrow, you and I are going on a field trip because it's no longer safe for me to stay here during the day. Today, you're going to stay put in your suit. Can't sleep? I'll make you.

One more step out of line and I'll end your misery."

I couldn't cry anymore even if I wanted to. My tear ducts are dry despite that one glass of water earlier.

Black spots fill my vision, they dance across my line of sight and blot out the animatronics I once loved so dear.

It feels like Springtrap is using is other hand to run his fingers through my hair in a soothing manner.

"I like it when you fight for your life. So much spirit. You're not even screaming which makes this even more special. Go to sleep, Doll. I'll see you in a few hours.

" Much like last night, I find myself forcibly put back to sleep.

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