Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 4. Pt. 2
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 4. Pt. 2 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 3 before continuing!

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 4. Pt. 2

There's an awkward silence wafting the depressing atmosphere of the pizzeria. I'm put in a strange position because I feel like I should say something to make him feel better.

For years, he'd been trapped in a strange room and abandoned by all. Yet, I don't know this guy and I'm bleeding out. Not to mention, I'm not exactly the best at comforting people.

        "So... Spring Bonnie was it? Was there anything else you wanted to ask?"

His eyes flicker back to mine so quickly, I nearly flinch. Whatever he was previously feeling is replaced lickety-split and a new creeping sense of dread tickles the back of my neck.

I gulp as he tilts his head to his right, prompting a new question to ask. "Springtrap. That's my name. Say... Where are going to go after this?" The rabbit leans forward slightly.

My eyes have adjusted enough to the dark and what little light I have to see the smile on his face, same as the one I recognized an hour ago.

Only now it appears more genuine and somehow psychotic.

Why does he care where I'm going? "I'm going home. I need to take care of these cuts and find a new job, ha..." Seems like an innocent enough answer.

I think I'll actually find myself in a hospital or police department, telling someone who can do something about the nightmarish truths that have been here all along.

        Springtrap nods his head, ear (and a half) bobbing slightly at the motion. "Well, Doll... I thought we were being honest." 

        My blood freezes in my veins as I stare at those silver eyes. They're half lidded in a leisured mannerism, that smile half looks like a smirk. What did I do?

Before my racing mind can come up with a reasonable response, the animatronic lunges at me, hands finding my neck with such perfect aim that you'd think he had done this before.

Maybe he had.

The grip around my throat worsens when his mechanical thumbs jab into my esophagus.

There's no fighting it, there's no getting a metal man- animal- whatever it is off!

I try to choke out anything to say and suck in air, but he's got me pinned to the floor with a sufficiently closed windpipe.

I'm not worried about the bruises of tomorrow, but the suffering of today. My lungs burn and pretty soon, I'll suffocate.

Black spots fill my vision, blotting out my attacker's face as he leans down to my ear.

"Forgot to mention one tiny detail about my game: lie or answer incorrectly, I'll hurt you. Screw up too much, I kill you. I don't like liars.

" At that, he pulls back from my body as well as my neck. I can't see where he's gone, but I know the robot is still here in this room with me.

For the second time tonight, I'm fighting to recapture the air in my lungs. This time, I don't bother sitting up on the floor. I can't. I'm too weak and pretty much lifeless.

"See what fun we're having? I like games.

"Now let's try this again: Where are you going after this?" I can't bring myself to answer, it's impossible and he knows. He's laughing at my feeble attempts to recover from the damage.

"You're not being a very gracious guest to my little home~! Where's your manners? I asked you a question."

        "I-I want g-g-go home-"

"Me too, but life isn't fair. Even in death it would seem. Oh, and that's not the right answer. Since you're slow, I'll give you the correct reply just this once.

I'm a gentleman after all." By this point, water leaks from my eyes yet again. I'm going to die in here. "You can't go home.

You see, I promised I'd walk you out if you played fairly, but then I realized something. You're a criminal.

" I lift my head just enough to glance at him before the pounding headache forces me to collapse once more. What's he going on about?

"What, you don't know? I'm pretty sure trampling through someone else's business after hours is a felony. You'd call it 'trespassing.

' I know what it means to be a night guard and I take pride in my impeccable understanding of the rules.

That is what you're pretending to be, are you not? And leaving your post is not part of the job. Neither is vandalism or breaking into your bosses' office. Yes, I know about that little incident.

"You left a pretty big hole in the wall. I'd like to see you patch that up before morning. You let me out too. That's probably the worst of your crimes.

When the 'Fazbear' family finds out you've uncovered a teeeerrible secret of there's, you'll be in a world of trouble.

The police will have you for while, but when you get out, that family you work for will ruin you. Your life permanently in shambles.

"I'm doing you a favor. I'll save you from the inevitable fate you stupidly brought on yourself all on your own.

Really, pat yourself on the back because that's one hell of an achievement.

" He begins clapping his hands together, shutting his eyes as if he were applauding me for some great stunt I'd pulled off instead of mocking me for my mistakes.

"It would seem you have no where to go, but to stay here with me, in this eternal hell until I get bored enough to kill you myself. I wonder if anyone will miss you.

But don't hold your breath, they didn't miss me."

        My eyes open widely in fear as I digest his every word. I can't accept this reality. I can't accept not seeing my dad or my friends again. I can't accept not seeing the sun again.


I arch my back, taking in as much wonderful air as my lungs could handle before emitting a scream that could put a banshee to shame. It's my last cry for help.

My last plead for salvation before giving into the future I can no longer run from. My fingernails dig into my sweaty palms, creating little crescent moons in my bloodied skin.

A loud CRACK follows immediately after my screaming comes to a forced end. It was Springtrap landing an impressive punch on my left cheek. "Bloody hell, woman. Shut up.

I detest screaming. You really couldn't get anymore annoying." Fatigue has washed over my body so strongly that I hardly feel the pain anymore.

My eyes focus in on the golden rabbit once more before I pass out at his feet. A blissful slumber I no longer have the determination to wake from.

"Finally, silence." He stares down at my broken form for a moment, probably admiring the handy work both Foxy and he imposed on my now scarred body. "Now, where to stuff you for later...


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