Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 2 Pt. 2
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 2 Pt. 2 springtrap x reader stories

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Note! Please see chapter 1 before continuing.

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 2 Pt. 2

A foul odor wafts in the air and a sense of dread freezes up my nerves when realization hits me like a brick wall. I'm in a bathroom. A girl's bathroom judging by the lack of urinals.

There's no place to go without getting caught. Cornered. I'd eventually be found out if I were in a stall. Yet, I can't stand here defensively and let these monsters rip me apart.

Nevertheless, there's nothing worth using as a weapon. Not even a leftover broom hiding in the shadows of a corner. I'm torn from my thoughts at a noise just outside the door.

I can hear the shuffling of padded feet and strange gurgling sounds coming from the other side.

It was almost like a conversation was taking place, but I could hardly hear over my own heart palpitating out my chest.

"Chica, get her..... Can't go... girl's...."

"...You stopped chasing her.... because.... bathroom, Freddy?"

"... Fragile masculinity." (Because we like references here.)

What the hell? How would robots understand what masculinity was? Maybe they're just programmed not to enter the bathrooms. Hopefully...

That last theory is quickly tossed aside, all thoughts dismissed when Chica easily pushes the door open, the trashcan having done nothing to stop her.

She holds the door ajar and quickly scans the room before her eyes land on me, a shivering and paralyzed night guard. It looked as though her smile grew before she advanced towards me.

"I found you. I win and you lose. Now it's my turn to pick a game.

It's called, 'Can you Survive Getting Stuffed?'" The creaking of wood and hinges in need of oiling sounds as the bear animatronic now holds the door open.

He's peering into the bathroom and blocking the doorway. I'm too afraid to think about where Bonnie could be hiding if I were to get out of this situation.

My shoulders slump in defeat and tears at last come to my eyes after the adrenaline of a fight dissipates. "I-I don't-...

I, please!" Chica ignored my pleads and roughly took hold of my hair, forcefully yanking to drag me out. I could hear some strands snapping and stretching the harder she held on.

The fiery burning of my scalp kept me from leaving her side in an attempt to escape. Soon, we were out of the bathroom and nearly in the party room once again.

Through the tears, I could barely make out Bonnie before I was pushed in his general direction. My feet failed to keep balance beneath me, so I tumbled and landed at his own.

My hands clutched at my head, trying to massage the abused skin.

I hardly register when I'm being picked up again, this time by Bonnie. He is taking us across the pizzeria to the spare parts and services room while the others follow close behind.

Only now does my nose pick up a foul odor emitting from his chest cavity, a smell that would require than a refreshing scrub from me. It was as if something was decaying inside.

The thought made me want to curl up. My bloodshot eyes glance to see "Pirate's Cove.

" The curtains are open and Foxy is peering out, his jaw opened to catch all the light rays on his threatening gold and silver teeth.

His eyes are glowering at me as if to suggest that if I dare move one more time, he'd catch me. I couldn't look.

Freddy steps in front of Bonnie, reaching for the door to hold it open as if he were being gentlemanly. "It's your turn to suffer as we had. You can't save us.

" His laugh echoes endlessly off the pizzeria walls once more. This would be the last sound I'd ever hear.

This was the end, I couldn't even make it through my first few hours of having a job and now I was going to die. I should have listened to my dad.

It seems he was right about this place supposedly being dangerous. I'm so sorry, Dad. So sorry...



My hand dives into my pockets to grab the pepper spray, I whirl around to shoot a hefty blast into Bonnie's eyes and unsurprisingly, he drops me to my feet.

For a second, it feels like the world stops.

I can feel my heart rapidly pounding inside me, signaling that time was still in motion, but the animatronics stared at me, unmoving as if in total shock.

Bonnie, most of all, stood there with an expression of disbelief. He couldn't register what happened.

The reddish orange liquid dripped from his eyes and onto his purple fur, but he made no effort to wipe it away. It didn't harm him. He's mechanical after all.

The pepper spray filled air was beginning to sting my own eyes the longer I wavered there, yet I couldn't move. Not until I saw a flash of light reflecting off Foxy move.

He's going to keep his promise. He's coming to get me and I had no choice but to run straight for the office. As if I could outrun him. As if I actually had a chance of escape. I'm trying anyway.

Bonnie also responds to Foxy's leaping from behind curtain. He follows as fast as his robotic rabbit legs would allow.

Foxy guards the front of the western hallway that led to the supply closet and my office while Bonnie chased me from behind. Trapped.

I have to skid to a stop to keep myself from running into Foxy's chest, but as I do, Bonnie yanks me by the shoulder so hard I fear he might dislocate it,

pulling the arm straight from its socket. He then spins me around so I have to face the indigo figure as he shoves me to the ground.

My hands come up to my face as my last line of defense, eyes shut tightly. My breath is caught in my throat when Bonnie comes down to the floor with me...

But before he can break my face, one of his knees crushes something connected to my waist. It makes a loud SQUEAK and everything falls silent in subsequent result.

The robotic rabbit lifts his knee to examine the source only to find my keychain Bonnie.

My eyes open to see Bonnie palming it for a moment, Foxy is looming behind my head, his jaw still open and very much eager to finish the deed already.

I hardly notice a patch of yellow and brown over the shoulders of purple animatronic. He unclips the keychain from my belt loop before silently rising to his feet once again.

That's mine! I sit up and reach out for the little animal.

"Wait- That's m-my lucky Bonnie!" I'm effectively ignored by him while he walks away in the direction of the stage, still holding the mini plush version of himself. The other two follow in toe.

Foxy is all that remains with me.

"T'was too bad. You'll be out of luck now, lass." A hook shines brightly in the dark as it's raised. Once more, I cringe, ready for contact.

Ready for the metal to come through my skull at immense speeds and to carve the insides of brain like a pumpkin in October.

When the hook finally comes down, aimed at my face, a clock sounds throughout the building. The sharp object on the fox's arm never hits me.

In fact, when I open my eyes, his entire demeanor changes. His back straightens and he can no longer see me.

It was like his original programming had kicked in and was forcing him to hide behind the curtains once more. Everyone else was back on stage again as well.

No more black holes for eyes but instead their original colorful irises could be seen. Worse, they stood as lifeless as ever. Like nothing happened.

But I know and they know.

Rising to my feet, I bolt for the exit. I'm not coming back for the uniform and I'm not coming back for the keychain. I'm done done done.

This was not how I remembered my favorite animal characters.

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