Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 2 Pt 1.
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 2 Pt 1. springtrap x reader stories

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Note! Please see Chapter 1 before continuing.

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 2 Pt 1.

Note! Please see Chapter 1 before continuing.




Stupid alarm. At this rate, I'm going to hate my new job. The clock reads 10 p.m. which would give me plenty time to shower and make it to work a little early.

So long as I keep myself occupied with all the extra chores, it will keep me from falling asleep on the shift.

All in all, I just want to sneak out without my dad seeing especially after the guilt blooming in my stomach of earlier's fight continues to fester.

Pushing myself off the bed, I grab some loose clothes and take them to the shower with me. I'll receive my uniform tonight, so there's no need to wear anything particularly nice.

After washing my body down in the warm water, I quickly dry and pull my hair into a ponytail. I then apply little to no makeup afterwards. I'll be alone and it'll be dark anyways.

At last, I'm ready to take on the night! So long as I leave the house quickly without Dad seeing me on my way out.

Ah, and one last thing for good luck! I place the Bonnie keychain on my belt loop as per usual.

Tiptoeing in my tennis shoes, I creep through the hallways. Some light flickers against the walls, casting an eerie glow. The same kind of luminescent light that's emitted from a TV.

Dammit, he's awake. No point in sneaking anymore.

"(Y/n), are you going to come out so I can see you or are you going to continue standing in the dark hoping I'll disappear?"

Yep, he's definitely awake. My head hangs low as I drudge out of my hiding place. I didn't want to face him right now and I most certainly didn't want to get to the pizzeria late.

My eyes remain downcast towards the ground even after I stood in front of him because I knew the floor wasn't judging me or had any sort of emotion towards me whereas my dad did.

"Look, I'm sorry about earlier. I just wanted you to be informed.

You seem so eager to get yourself into a situation that's far more complicated and fragile than any other option in the work force.

I don't understand why you chose this, but I'd rather you not be upset with me."

"I know, Dad... but really, it's fine. I can take care of myself and look, I'm bringing the pepper spray with me.

" There was no need to, but I figured he wouldn't be so nervous and hard on me if I brought the stuff anyways. It sat in the pocket nearest to my keychain.

When I heard him wearily huff a small laugh, my gaze lifts to see him.

Dad leaned forward in slumped manner, his elbows on his knees. He doesn't usually stay up this late so I assume his posture is due to exhaustion and a battle against sleep.

"We're a team, kiddo, and I'll always be on your side. Thank you for keeping the pepper spray on you. Again, if you ever feel in danger, tell me. I'll bring the rest of the force as back up."

Dad works as an officer for the police and he's always resented the Fazbear pizzerias since the original family diner.

I never understood why and he refused to tell me because back then I was considered "too young and I didn't need to hear that kind of thing." That was long ago though.

Now I am my own adult and things have changed for the restaurants. They will continue to change as long as I'm there. I approach my dad, placing a kiss on his cheek before I say my goodbyes.

"I'll be back around six-thirty or so. That means get to bed. Love you, I'll be back soon!" Dashing out the door, I head into my 1980's Volkswagen Beetle. I call it Herbie.

It was expensive, but it's been faithful the few years I've had it. Next thing I know, I'm jamming to the radio station all ten minutes it takes to arrive at the restaurant.

My watch reads 11:41 p.m. which is slightly later than I'd hoped to get here by, but what can you do?

I don't realize how nervous I am considering this is my first job. I begin to sweat. A fact which is accentuated upon opening my car door.

The cool breeze kisses the surface of my skin, forming tiny goosebumps all over my body. Shutting off the car and locking it up, I head into the building.

Someone should be here to give me my outfit as well as the rest of my supplies. Hopefully, they're still here and I'm not too late.

Sadly, I can't hear anything other than the sounds of the building settling and shifting.

It's so dark in here and I can hardly see a darn thing aside from what's five feet in front of me. The hallways are the worst.

At least I no longer believe that everything is haunted or else, I'd never make it to my new office in this unsettling environment.

I keep my hand on the wall and do the best I can to avoid disrupting the plate pals or the pictures kids made for the pizzeria.

I can't see what's at the end of the hallway, so I can only rely on my built in memory map I used as a child while running heedlessly through the maze of people and rooms.

At last, I come to the exact place I hoped for. Ha, memory served me well! Before me stood the party room.

Tables littered with confetti and rows of party hats stood in perfectly straight rows across the floor. Thank goodness for that; otherwise, I'd straighten them out myself.

But I wasn't here to judge symmetry. Turning to my right, I stare at the stage advertising three shut off animatronics.

A bubble of glee erupts in my belly as I stare at the robots. It's probably a younger version of myself celebrating that "lo-and-behold, dreams do come true eventually.

" I walk closer to the stage, an unknown light source casting its silvery blue rays on their seemingly sleeping faces.

"Boy am I glad to see you and you will be glad to see that I was here when you wake up in the morning!

It's to my understanding that you three are poorly taken care of and I wish to restore your legacy." There's a smile on my face because I'm beginning to realize how stupid I sounded just then.

Oh well, I am talking to myself in the dark anyways. Nothing gets weirder than that. Somewhere deep down, I hoped they could hear me. Maybe they could.

"From now on, we get to spend most of the nights together and I'm going to get this pizzeria in tip-top shape the way we all remembered it years ago.

I may even be able get permission from the boss to turn you guys on so it doesn't get too lonely here while I work.

Hehehe, you could even help me! For example: if someone were to break in, we could make them play hide-and-seek. If they get caught, we'll turn them into the authorities.

Sounds easy!" I clapped my hands at the thought. The whole idea sounded silly, but I was talking to robots programmed to work with children after all. They could only understand silly.

"Golly, that does sound like fun! Why don't we start right n҉́͝o҉̕͜w̧̛!"

A shiver runs down my spine, a cold rush of adrenaline electrifies all my nerves as my eyes wander up to the speaker.

It sounded feminine so it had to be Chica, but when I looked up, all the animatronics were staring at me now.

My face pales at their not-so-kid-friendly expressions, the blood fleeting from my head instantaneously.

Their normally white sclera and colored irises were replaced with black pits, small beads of light shone in the middle to represent where they were looking. At me of course.

They stood stiffly, all mouths open ajar. Chica was the worst, for her lower beak was open far more than I thought was possible and slack jawed. She looked like a robotic zombie.

Red flags fire in my head, telling me to hightail it out of there.

I'm not stupid enough to believe they're playing games right now, so I turn on my heel and bolt for the nearest room to me.

It's closer than the exit and safer than braving the dark hallways, I assume.

Ultimately, I would have to find the office because the one thing I was informed about were the metal doors I could use to keep someone or something "undesirable" from getting inside.

This whole thing with the robots being ACTIVE AT NIGHT was not part of the instruction I received!

Running as quickly as my legs would permit, my eyes immediately locate a doorway and while I wasn't sure where this dark hallway took me, I felt this was the best decision at the time.

There was a sign indicating where it led, but I couldn't read it in time. I'm not stupid enough to look back like all the fools in the movies do right before they trip and die.

Besides I can hear metal clanking as the joints and gears behind me work more efficiently than they were originally designed to.

There's a gut wrenching laugh ricochetting off the walls right as I feel something grab at my shirt.

The large bulky fingers fail to snag my clothing in time before I reach a door at the end of the corridor, slamming it shut and placing a trash can in front. No locks.

This wouldn't stop them from coming in, but it brought on a false sense of security. It's enough to clear my scrabbled mind for a second. I turn to take in my surroundings. Where to go?

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