Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 11 Pt. 2
Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 11 Pt. 2 springtrap stories

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Note! Please see chapter 10 before continuing.

Blood and Steel (Springtrap x Reader) Ch. 11 Pt. 2

"That's what we're here to talk about. I have a solution. A way for us to get away before they can scrap us and leave us in some dark, dingy hole for the rest of our existence as I had.

" At Springtrap's words, Foxy turns to me. Was this what he'd been referring to last night? A strike of fear erupts within my belly.

"We're suffering on earth, a trail of misfortunes following behind." He gestures to me. I know what he's implying.

He's talking about the things the animatronics did to the night guards and how I've gone "missing." Another result of their behavior. "We have no purpose left here.

Our families moved on without us, our bodies are beyond resurrection.

Luckily for us, against all odds, we learned a final lesson: we can still be loved and appreciated even after all that we've done. It's time that we go home for good this time.

" Why does this sound like goodbye?

Chica stopped whimpering and Freddy visibly relaxed. Bonnie plucks at the strings of his guitar, refusing to look up. Springtrap wants to free their spirits and move on.

He wants to fully perish. While the children seem to approve of the idea, I'm hysterical.

I just got to know everyone, I finally solved the mystery and I have feelings for Springtrap, for William. I thought we were all a family. "What? You can't...

You can't! What are you even saying?"

Springtrap's eyes widen at my sudden protest. Before he can reach me, Foxy gets there first. He was always the fastest. "Lass, you should be happy for us.

Ye wouldn't understan' the struggles we face. I told you, you have no place among the dead." Springtrap plants a firm hand on the side of the fox's head before roughly shoving him to the side.

It's so forceful that Foxy's knees almost buckle, but he catches himself before he hits the ground.

"Doll, come here." The rabbit extends his hand slowly as if I were a startled doe. Upon taking his hand, my eyes are prickling with tears.

The further we walk, the more I realize we're heading down hallways I recognize to be just outside the office. I was supposed to work here.

Once we're inside, he presses a red button to our right. It shuts a metal door so loudly that I quiver with shock. "Do you see this? They installed these for night guards.

" He presses the button again to open the door. "Do you know why they're so crucial for someone of your position?"

I almost shake my head negatively, but suddenly recall Bonnie pinning me to the ground and Foxy looming behind him.

It was my first night on the job and I had never been more afraid in my life. "They're... here to keep me safe and keep you out."

"Smart girl." He pats my head in a patronizing manner. I don't appreciate it. "For six hours a night, you'd have to compete against the pizzeria's mascots for survival.

" Springtrap presses the white button labeled "light." "You have a camera and these switches as your only resources to locate how close they're getting to this room.

And when they're in these windows..." He turns the light off before turning back to me. "Well, you better hope you're quick to close the door. This is what the children want to leave behind.

A life of living like monsters. A life after having forgotten who they used to be and what they could have been."

"They don't have to be monsters! I've seen them! They can be good. If the restaurant closes, we could all slip away. I could go with you-"

Springs places his hands on either side of my cheeks. His thumbs rub circles into the skin as my tears finally spill over. "Look at you. You really do care for us.

We don't have anywhere to go. There is no future outside these walls and even if there was, could they really be happy never growing up?"

"I'd be happy if I didn't grow up."

He laughs a little at my statement, then shakes his head. "Unfortunately for us, we were given the opportunity to see how bad adult life really is. Now stop crying, Doll.

It won't be so bad. You get to go home and see your dad again. You have another family to return to."

"But I-I... I lov-"

Faster than I can finish my sentence, one of his hands comes under my jaw and pushes up to close my mouth. "No, don't say that.

" There's a long pause between us, only the sound of my hiccuping could be heard. "You've made me feel something other than anger for the first time since I was married.

If I were still alive, I'd probably ask to marry you too." He winks. It brings a temporary smile to my face. "But like this you can't honestly believe things would work out.

Only six hours a night you'd ever see me, I can't take you places and I most certainly can't share a bed with you." That last part makes me uncomfortable as he intended it to be.

Again, he laughs and I do too. Suddenly, I'm pulled into a hug, Springs rests his head on top of mine. "Thank you for letting me pass on happier than I imagined I would."

I'm reminded that this is a goodbye, so the tears begin to flow freely again. My fingers clutch at his back, afraid to let go. Yes, he's right and I understand they must leave now.

I can't live in a fantasy world, ignoring the truth of what these people are. While I know this is the right thing to do, it hurts so bad.

"Come. The others should have finished the final preparations, then you can go home." At last, he pulls away from the hug and reaches for my hand again.

Together, we head for the party room where the others are busy throwing chairs and setting whatever flammable object they can find at the center of the room.

"I've finished setting up in the office. We're nearly done with this burn point." Foxy would continue, but is interrupted by Chica launching herself at me.

Her arms wrap tightly around my body for a hug.

"Oh, (y/n)! I'm going to miss you...!" It seems like yesterday she was dragging me through the halls by my hair. Now she's upset that I can't stay.

"I'm going to miss you too..." I can't hug her with both arms because Springtrap is tightly holding one of them.

When Chica stands back up, I almost laugh. Bonnie must be standing directly behind her because it looks like two purple rabbit ears are poking out of Chica's head.

Sure enough, when she steps aside, there he stood. "I think I should give this back now. Something to remember me by." Bonnie holds out an a fist.

He opens his fingers to reveal the little plush he stole from me. As I go to retrieve it, I hear Springtrap scoff from behind me. What can I say? I really like rabbits.

I didn't think I'd find myself surrounded by them. Besides, Bonnie was my favorite before I ever met Springtrap.

"Wait! There's something I've always wanted to do ever since I was little." Before anyone could ask what it was, I'm already rubbing Bonnie's belly.

"It's even softer than I thought it would be..." My eyes widen with awe as I pet him.

"Okay, I think that's enough." Springtrap pulls me back. Oh well, at least I still have mini versions of Bonnie.

Foxy, eager to get on with things, speaks up. "I'm going to the office now. I'll light it after you do. Make sure the girl is out of the room before you do.

Don't blame me if she roasts alive in here because of you." If I'm not out of the party room by the time the office catches fire, I won't have an exit.

After he heads for the eastern hallway, Freddy comes forth to hug me. "It's really too bad we didn't get to talk more." When he doesn't let go, the others give me one last group hug.

It's nice... Springtrap isn't much for physical contact, so he stays out of this one.

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