Your image is not a reflection of who you are

Your image is not a reflection of who you are reflection stories

kiki7 Community member
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if friendships don't last long how could relationships...

Your image is not a reflection of who you are

I want to not believe it Because you were the perfect fit For my best friend And I remember those times we spent

But seeing those actions you did I see the way you fake it And I hate it That no one sees it

Everyone sees you as this perfect girl Your beautiful smile lures People to believe That you aren't as conceiving

I've seen what you've done to them And I know I can't tell anyone Because then it would just make things worse You didn't show any remorse

Behind their backs And when you're with them it's all a fake act Even those words said to me It was like it meant nothing

But to me it those words hurt I wonder what other dirt You say about me Because you've told me some other things

About other people You're pure evil If you can say those words to my face What other things have you said when I'm not at your place

I can't trust you The way that I used to And I hate that you're like this And I hate that I have to do this

But I have to let you go I'm tired of your low blows I don't want to go home feeling down I don't want you to be the reason for my meltdowns

Because you're not worth it

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