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Words of Lost

by kiapham

So I entered a writing contest

thinking... eh I'm not going to win but might as well try you know?

Days went by and I forgot all about it.

Months passed, and a quick banner went on my computer.

It said in bold: "Congratulations! You are being invited to be published in a national poetry anthology". And I was like, "WHAT"?!!! I quickly clicked on the email.

That's when I remembered the contest I entered. They told me that all I needed to do was fill out the forms to give permission for publishing.

So I was super happy about it and I told my friends and family. But deep in my heart I knew something was wrong.

After filling out the form they said that I can purchase the book for $35.


And I thought, "They probably just picked the shittiest poems and told the person who wrote it that they won to make them feel happy about themselves and give the stupid website money".

So before I decided to buy anything, I checked online to see what others have to say about the website.

All of the comments where SHIT ... except for that one comment the 'editor' of the website said >,> Like seriously... you work there...

Or course your comment is going to be all bias! And the fact that you know there's a bunch of websites dedicated to how much YOUR website sucks??! UUMMM...

I felt cheated I felt like my writing was not even something meaningful anymore.

I decided to search up images for what the book is going to look like. It looked childish.

Everything about it was childish. There were so many elementary teachers who put in their children's work and they win the contest. They say great things about the website but the parents...

The parents were smart and knew it was fake. 45% of the contestants win the contest. That's a lot.

I honestly don't even feel special anymore. The happiness I felt before... It's gone.

Discovery is a unique thing. You start out as a blank paper.

Writing how your day went. Writing about that boy you like. Or maybe that girl you really hate because she's a bitch to you.

You write because it's your hobby. You write because it helps you deal with emotions.

Your blank pages get filled up but most of your pages...

are filled with words of lost.

But words are important. No matter what they hold.

Without writing about the boy who broke your heart... you will just let your heart break into so many pieces, it can no longer love.

Without writing about the girl you hate... you will end up like a balloon of emotions who will soon deflate and die.

And without words of lost, you will never learn from your mistakes.

Discover new things (whether they are good or bad) and write them down. Because in life you will always feel lost. Don't be afraid to fill your blank pages.

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