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kiki7 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
What a clique story... too bad its real :/

The Tuth

I wish you knew the truth The reason I started hating you Was when my friend put words in your mouth I had my doubts

But I trusted her Every lie she told me made me hate you more And that's when you and I drifted apart Based off lies she said that broke my heart

She had a crush on you too You know what green eyes make her do She feels insecure She had to lie to lure

I thought you changed And I threw words that led you to pain I didn't mean them at all It was just my heart starting to fall

We both said shit I feel stupid for missing you a bit The songs we shared Memories of you and I as the music flared

You used to be a bully who got bullied But I changed you fully You treated me nice And you had no more fights

You once told me if we weren't friends, your life would crsh But our friendship bracelet is in the past Where you lying? Because when we made up, I didn't even see you trying

I wonder how you feel every day Wondering what you will say If I told you the truth Wondering if our friendship was something special to you too

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