Now I'm completely a l o n e.
Now I'm completely a l o n e. human stories

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Now I'm completely a l o n e.

My blurred vision As I walk away with precision My hair flowing in front of me Some strands even stick to my cheeks

I thought I would be ok with you moving on He did and I stayed calm But weekends and even after school the house is empty On mother's day there was no confetti

I lay in bed tired of school and friends I was tired of playing pretend I thought I could withstand their actions Thier words always left me with no reaction

The melancholy music I’m only human As the emotions build up And you’re not there to help

But I’m used to seeing you Every time after school And as I think you left me I see your messy tangled hair in front of me

And you ask if I’m ok You know I’m not ok So you bring up a piece of chocolate I know you can only eat half of it

But I don’t want to eat away my feelings I don’t want to think about bleeding I miss you When he left you I helped you pull through

I need you to do the same thing for me too I need someone to talk to I need someone who takes me out on adventures I want you with me forever.

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