Love is a feeling because it never lasts.. .
Love is a feeling because it never lasts.. . love stories

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Love is a feeling because it never lasts.. .

It’s like you're living in my head For all the things I’ve said I’m sorry For all the hurt I’m causing

Scrolling through those old pics of me and you I miss those laughs we used to do What happened to the person who's my friend Why did this all have to end

All along I thought it was you But all this time it was your friends too You were never this cold And I was told

To never trust those green eyes Little did you know my heart dies Whenever you’re around me You have no idea what I’m feeling

“We’re just friends” I wish I knew what went in your head When people think we’re more than that Those little actions we do makes me think you’re blind as a bat

Now I know it’s my fault And my heart is in a vault Because I needed something to blame So that I will never have to feel the pain

I know I messed up But we all fuck up Shut up! But whenever I look up

I don't see the same you Everyone sees it too You're too blind to see That you sent all of your old friends free

I don't hate them They're my friends! Just the person you became Isn't the same

We used to be so close And everyone knows I swore I NEVER want to see your face anymore

But when I do I hope you miss our friendship too I hope you're hurting the way I do I'm so done with you

I'm done trying Done crying Done fighting ...

But inside I'm dying

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