It all depends... are we just friends?
It all depends... are we just friends? feelings stories

kiki7 Community member
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It all depends... are we just friends?

I see you walk down those halls Those memories that I recall You may think I like you But I just want to get to know you

We met 5th period You where the new boy that got me curious I didn't get to stay in that class forever But we got to know each other

For some reason, I feel a connection No, it's not affection I just feel like we can be good friends But I don't want your heart to bend

I know you may have feelings I've been with what you're dealing I don't want you to get the wrong idea Nor do I want to say, "C'ya!"

But the way we catch eyes Is already making your heart fly I don't know why you're the friend I'm looking for I've been thinking about you more and more

Maybe I'm the one with mixed feelings My friends roll their eyes up to the ceiling They know I have a crush on you And maybe I do

Because why else would I want your attention And did I mention I can't get you out of my mind Been thinking of ways for us to bind

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