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This is dedicated to Caroline who passed away this week... even though I don't know you,

I know that somewhere in you, you have a heart.

Which makes you human.

Which makes you worth living ❤️


by kiapham

Everyone feels it

Whether you're lonely

or heartbroken

or hungry

or homeless

you will always have someone

"you're not alone"

as stupid as it sounds,

it's true

there will always be someone out there who cares

maybe you don't have a family

or maybe you don't have friends

maybe the people you love where buried in the ground

when you're mad you do crazy things

your mind isn't straight

all you can think of

are horrible thoughts

Memories you can't bear

Sometimes it gets to hard

Sometimes people control you

to make you feel like you aren't worth it

Sometimes you wonder if you are worth living

but you are

Somewhere out there, there's someone who cares

You will grow up to be someone remarkable

I'm begging you

Don't fill the hole in my ground

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