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boyfriend? best friend? it's none of those... it'll be hard to guess ;)

haven't been on here for a while and it feels nice! :)

b f

Birds chirp above me as a ray of sunlight glows on my skin. I brush past my long, black hair to shove in my earbuds.

I take in a deep breath and close my eyes, forgetting what’s around me… or maybe even forgetting who I am. What happened

I wouldn’t really consider where I am a forest.

Or a park.

It’s more of just a secret trail that leads to the most beautiful view of the city.

Along the trail are mansions holding goats and cows along a fence with tall trees shading those who past by.

In the middle of this adventure is a short, wooden bridge above a drying river still holding onto its creatures.

Being alone in nature truly is a great escape from reality.

No, I’m not bending my head down, staring at the concrete as I kick stray pebbles.

I’m staring with wide eyes and a heavy heart at the growing trees holding a happy family of birds, wanting to be as free and innocent as those furry animals.

A breeze brushes past me, almost pushing me forward like a motivational song.

A bird swaps down to grab a small crumb and carries it to a branch with two other birds cuddling together The union of their movements makes my heart full. her.

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