Living in a Daydream
Living in a Daydream  lucid-dreaming stories
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kiimiiss Twenty three years, Sagittarius ♐️
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Living in a Daydream

by kiimiiss

What if

You woken up to the projected life of your mind?


Of the good and the bad running a hundred miles per hour from your chest to the eyes.


Will elevate you in between walls and rooftops and once you reach the top, the autumn breeze will take your sheets off.

You will

Carry millions of questions, but is a sweet bitterness you can't left behind.

You will

See printed blue walls covered in waves dancing slow with the same rhythm of your heart.

You will

Breathe lightly and better than ever before and fly higher than a bird.

Is going to be like

One of those days when your mind is not sure of what is making you smile with relief

But please

Don't ever think is real or you will fall back to bed my dear.

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