Life's Flare of Light
Life's Flare of Light life stories
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Life can be hard, but it's beautiful too!

Life's Flare of Light

The moment of time will always continuously running.

No one on us can hear it but it's silently tickling.

The Earth will infinitely be doing it's revolving.

Thus, those things will be signaling, "It's a new beginning."

In realms of the day, your dreams may be humble at first.

We growl and growl within us, due to the feeling of thirst.

Victory, like a phantasm, turned us to beast that burst.

Still, it will end, triumph comes, ending the night of realms.

Like a butterfly that undergone metamorphosis,

We will eternally spread our wings wider than the sky.

Bringing out the best in us will get us higher to fly.

Just like the flowers in the field, we will bloom full of bliss.

Life may be harsh but in the end, you will see paradise.

Yes, you could be doleful and in pain, but it's no big deal.

In the end, life's euphoria will be the one we can feel,

With the color of light shining brightly together in us.

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