oh how lonely it would be to live in a utopia
oh how lonely it would be to live in a utopia

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the scenery is so pretty but that's only because it's empty...

oh how lonely it would be to live in a utopia

There I was, typing on my computer in the coffee shop. Listening to the same playlist. Writing the same, sad, story. I glance up to see my notebook in which I write all my poems in.

I see the golden Hyrule crescent plastered on top and I remember how when I was young, I would love to live in a world so beautiful.

A world where you don’t have to study and worry about making money when you can just cut grass or pots for rupees… I mean yeah, in real life you can cut grass for money but it’s not like you’re going to get rich out of it. But in Zelda, you could easily be rich, even from playing a mini game.

But my perspective changed instantly when I pulled the Master Sword out of the pedestal. As I walked out of the Temple of Time, I see how barren the world has gotten. With those weird, scary creatures that made me want to never touch the game again.

And I never did. But looking at my notebook, bored of writing and listening to his voice, I decided to pick up the game again.

I pulled out the N64. I hear the click as I pushed the game inside. I turn it on and the dull colors of the screen bounce off my glasses. I push the tv volume up and I smile as the nostalgic music plays. The horse and Link riding in the background. I press start. I click the file “young Link”. I’m at the Temple of Time.

No, but literally. I stood in front of the crumbled, old looking temple. My heart pounds as I hear the redeads groaning in the background.

Is this what life is like? In the beginning, it’s all good. Until you reach a time in your life… maybe as an adult and life just gets harder. Maybe video games aren’t that much better than life. After all, in video games you have to fight all those scary monsters… but then again you never really… die. Would I want that?

To live in a cycle of killing but never killed? A place where people say the same old thing to you… and do the same thing every day? A life where you can't choose your own quest, but to be forced to do as told… and never be truly awarded?

To live a life where you’re the only true character in the world and everyone else around you are just… a part of nature. Just there. They might interact, but really, you are alone.

...Oh, how lonely it would be to live in a utopia.

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