Living in a retro movie
Living in a retro  movie stories

kias_phamtasy let's go thrifting and drink iced coffee
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One summer night, I felt like I was living in a retro movie...

Living in a retro movie

Feeling like I’m living in a retro 80’s movie He laughs as I play Pac Man... oh how I die so easily Driving around town, killing time It’s just another fun day of summertime

We drive to the gas station with laughter We’ve never shared this much chatter We enter the dirty convenience store With a McDonalds next door

Through the glass, I see a family of three Sharing one Happy Meal… but they were all smiling I took advantage of those days And now a memory that I no longer experience... is just a haze

Lights flicker and I grab a bag of chips While my dad stood in line with trail mix It’s late but we are up for a snack Stuffing the plastic in my backpack

We drive back to the theater, hiding our snacks with a grin Finally, the movie begins But my movie came to an end Because we didn’t share the same magic the next weekend

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