I'm still just a child...
I'm still just a child... stories

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I can't imagine giving you up yet...

I'm still just a child...

You can't just keep saying those things to me Like it doesn't mean a thing And I feel even more stupid Because I don't even react to it

Just a single vowel "Oh" Like it doesn't mean a thing to me I know that you can see

That I love you And I know you're only telling me this to warn me too But the light tone It's like we're speaking through the phone

The information goes in, then out And you can't see my reaction right now Because I only show my emotions while writing These tears that I can't keep fighting

I'm a horrible daughter I act like what you said did not even bother Me. Can I trust that you said it's only temporarily

But what am I to say When you act like it's no matter anyways BUT IT FUCKING MATTERS AND I'M SCREAMING BECAUSE I'VE SEEN THE PATTERNS

I've searched up the symptoms I've seen your medicine And you tell me things to make sure I don't worry Telling me to just live my life happily

But do you think I can do that? When I see that your stomach has gone that flat When I hear that bathroom door open late at night And I hear the pain you have to fight

I wonder why she hasn't yelled about my grades Focusing so much on my life, I haven't even noticed how much she has faded The enormous loss of appetite and weight God I fucking hate

Myself for worrying And then forgetting Like it's only temporarily But it's obviously building

I hate him. Whenever he breaks your heart, you're always on the brim. When he cheated, you ended up in the hospital And I swear to god if this happens again, ...you'll come out unbeatable

Why does this happen to you? Why does all this bad shit happen to you? I can't let go now I'm still just a child.

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