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kiaraw Community member
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am I alone?


I'm scared of facing my self into this vacant room that has been inhabited for months.

Was surrounded by souls whom showed me the way towards a ladder that reached to happiness

Strangly, I've never been affraid of hights but that ladder scared me. something was pulling me from my shoulders. away from the ladder

What will happen to my spirit when it ill see itself in the reflection of the water that my eyes drop slowly at night

Will the lather still be there, will they help me run by giving me stings of bliss?

I tell her to keep positive, but how do I make her listen when she's stuck in her own head

this constant battle which I don’t know how many years it will last...

With time, we start to see that we are like two sides of a magnet.

We never touch but we are part of one.

We are what we see at last one we shall be.

The only cure to this disease is to open the window and face the light breeze.

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