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kiaphamLyrics that mean nøthing
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by kiapham

It's just a piece of string after all right?

But it's more than just that...

They bind two places together

Letting me travel to unknown places

They make me adventurous

Making me go higher and higher

What about fun?

Yeah they can be toys

They can save people

This innocent piece of string

Is more than just that...

They bind

They tear

They trap

What if our adventures weren't for fun...

But to survive?

What if we let go

Or fall down

And tumble into darkness

We will not always have what we need

We will not always experience adventure

Or fun

Because one day we will be in the dark

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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This was creative and well written. You wrote about one of my best friends, rope. You served my rope well. I didn't get the last verse. It seemed like non-sequitur. I am old and obtuse though. Great post!!!!