Love is a feeling because it never lasts.. .
Love is a feeling because it never lasts.. . love stories

kiaphammusic makes me cry but writing mends me
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Love is a feeling because it never lasts.. .

by kiapham

It’s like you're living in my head For all the things I’ve said I’m sorry For all the hurt I’m causing

Scrolling through those old pics of me and you I miss those laughs we used to do What happened to the person who's my friend Why did this all have to end

All along I thought it was you But all this time it was your friends too You were never this cold And I was told

To never trust those green eyes Little did you know my heart dies Whenever you’re around me You have no idea what I’m feeling

“We’re just friends” I wish I knew what went in your head When people think we’re more than that Those little actions we do makes me think you’re blind as a bat

Now I know it’s my fault And my heart is in a vault Because I needed something to blame So that I will never have to feel the pain

I know I messed up But we all fuck up Shut up! But whenever I look up

I don't see the same you Everyone sees it too You're too blind to see That you sent all of your old friends free

I don't hate them Their my friends! Just the person you became Isn't the same

We used to be so close And everyone knows I swore I NEVER want to see your face anymore

But when I do I hope you miss our friendship too I hope you're hurting the way I do I'm so done with you

I'm done trying Done crying Done fighting But inside I'm dying

When I'm with you

All I ever did was love you

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