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kiaphamLyrics that mean nøthing
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Just something I've always thought while listening to music ;)

My mind

by kiapham

I walk along the familiar road

The music takes over my mind

I smile

And hop along the beat

But when the song transitions

Into something more blue

I stop dancing

And my smile fades

As I remember memories that I shouldn't have

It's stupid how as we grow older, life gets better But when we were young, we had much more fun

It's stupid how easily memories can be replaced

And forgotten

It's stupid how our mind works

We forget the good times... Like maybe our first baby steps

But always remember the bad ones

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kiaphamLyrics that mean nøthing
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25 days ago
Love is a feeling because it never lasts.. .

5 months agoReply
Our minds have an inbuilt defense we forget the very worst and most painful but we still remember the bad as a lesson a constant reminder not to go there or do that again and some of the best you never forget the first kiss the first time you held thair hand the first date the first time you drive a car these things will always stay with you But the mind works differently for different people Nice poem