Mainstream Beauty Queen
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kiaphamLyrics that mean nøthing
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Mainstream Beauty Queen

by kiapham

Why is this world so complicated Why are these type of songs so underrated Mainstream beauty queen My life isn't based on fate Living with all these people I hate

The cracks in the sidewalk Why can't we soar like a hawk And get away Because I haven't seen a single drop of the sun's ray

I want this to end But I won't know if it will ever mend I feel like it never does My life has no cause

I swear I'm not prying These unknown words that I'm citing With all these questions that are rhyming These demons are biting I swear I'm fighting I swear I'm trying But with all my might,

I think I'm dying

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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Your words were well chosen to convey the heartbreaking thoughts of a misfit. Great post!!!!